How do you increase engagement for an event

6 Ideas On How Do You Increase Engagement for An Event?

(Last Updated On: April 23, 2023)

How do you increase engagement for an event? Any event planner or other event professional is aware that event engagement is essential to the success of any event. Additionally, we at MeetingPlay are intimately familiar with the value of event engagement before, during, and after your event. Actually, we’ve developed a fully functional, flexible event software that organizes, promotes, and affects involvement for your event. This article will give you some ideas on how do you increase engagement for an event. Keep reading.

How do you increase engagement for an event?

We are here to provide you 6 (additional) recommendations on how you increase engagement for an event since we understand personally how important it is.

1. Gamification

Gamification boosts participant engagement in many ways, but it also appeals to your customers and merchants. Give participants chances and goals depending on how many people they are connected to, goals based on visiting a certain supporter or merchant corner, goals based on accepting a deal, etc. The possibilities for event participation with gamification are endless.

2. Create a Mindful Schedule

Creating a planned itinerary is one of the best ways to keep conference attendees interested. Pace each segment of your conference appropriately if there are several speakers, activities, and presentations. Do not arrange the presentations of three keynote speakers who the audience is eager to see back-to-back, for instance. Instead, spread out these activities over the course of the day or weekend. If your conference lasts more than one day, this setting is extremely crucial since you want to offer your attendees a reason to come back.

Include lots of pauses in your agenda so that your guests and guest speakers may get some fresh air and refreshments. They will remain attentive, engaged, and at ease during each presentation thanks to these moments.

3. Push Notifications

Constant notifications are a fantastic way to encourage participation in your event. Have your speakers serviced? Plan revision? Need to make a last-minute edit or tweak an unusual offer? You can rapidly and continually lure attendees to your event using push notifications.

4. Create an Interesting Space

By properly designing your event venue, you can keep your conference interesting. Additionally, your event has to be accessible to ensure that no segment of your audience is excluded. As you are setting up, check the lighting and acoustics of the space since they will affect the ambiance of your event. Do not use harsh or excessively dark lighting or echoing spaces. Sit as far from the presentation area as you can while testing the audio and video equipment to ensure that everyone in the audience can see and hear the speaker.

Utilize striking colors and incorporate lots of picture possibilities to create an intriguing atmosphere. In between speakers and events, photo opportunities like graffiti walls will keep your guests interested. Visitors could even share these images on social media, enhancing your brand.

5. Public Walls

Social Walls are popular among attendees at your event. Utilizing images provided through the mobile event application for your event, as well as newly created images tagged with the hashtag for your event, energizes event participation and keeps your attendees engaged. Who doesn’t enjoy posting pictures or blog articles on a massive 10×20-foot screen?

6. Provide a Range of Activities

Include a range of activities at your event to ensure that there is something for everyone. Combine sedentary, educational presentations with energetic, participatory activities. In this manner, your visitors may select the activities in which they are most interested and at ease.

Consider putting any of the following interactive conference ideas into practice to increase conference attendees’ engagement:

Utilize social media at your conference to capitalize on the hashtag’s influence. Use a screen to show live tweets from your audience during a lecture, for instance, or ask attendees to include the hashtag for your event in their pictures. You may also broadcast your event live to anyone who couldn’t make it to the conference. These elements collectively demonstrate the significance of social media for company marketing.

Play activities with your visitors to keep them engaged and upbeat. Encourage attendees to take part in a game, such as a scavenger hunt on the premises, in between keynote speakers and presentations. Assign people to teams, and assign each team a list of activities to do around the conference grounds, such as stopping by particular information booths or taking pictures during photo opportunities.

Give out free products because who doesn’t enjoy receiving gifts? Give free samples or special deals of your product to conference participants, along with swag bags that feature your logo. To entice visitors to stay until the end of the conference, you could also advertise a contest and hold off on announcing the winner until the conclusion.

Make sure your conference does not only feature lecture-style sessions by encouraging questions. Instead, make an effort to include several presentation formats that promote audience engagement, such as discussion panels or question-and-answer sessions.

Final thought

Event engagement is essential before, during, and even after your event, regardless of whether you want to increase participant satisfaction, better communicate your ROI to higher-ups, or highlight your event’s success for future rehashed events.

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