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Oriental Bicolor Breed Profile: Health, Traits, Groom, Care

What is an Oriental Bicolor cat breed and what about its profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, grooming, care, and other interesting facts? Interestingly, the majority of cat registries do not classify the Oriental Bicolor as a distinct and standardized cat breed in its own right. Instead, it serves as a descriptive label employed to characterize a particular coat pattern. This means that, within the world of feline classification, the Oriental Bicolor occupies a unique niche. While some breeds have intricate and well-defined standards, the Oriental Bicolor remains an enigmatic and fascinating anomaly, defined by its aesthetics rather than a strict set of breed criteria.

The Origin of Oriental Bicolor Cats

The concept of an Oriental Bicolor cat, in a broad sense, transcends the confines of specific registries and breed standards. Irrespective of registry regulations, this distinctive feline category encompasses Oriental-type cats boasting a coat that is either long or short and adorned with white patches. The term “Oriental Bicolor” itself carries an air of enchantment and intrigue, evoking a vision of these elegant cats with their striking coat patterns.

The Enigmatic Origins of the Oriental

Despite the evocative name that conjures up images of far-flung locales and exotic origins, it’s a fascinating twist of history that all Oriental cat breeds trace their roots back to the shores of England in the 1950s. The inception of these captivating feline varieties was the result of adventurous experimentation and breeding programs, rather than a direct link to any Oriental region. It’s important to note that the term “Oriental” in this context doesn’t pertain to a specific geographic area, but instead encapsulates a distinctive type of cat, one that embodies elegance, grace, and a penchant for experimentation that defies geographical boundaries.

Oriental Bicolor History

The inception of Oriental Bicolor cats traces back to the breeding endeavors initiated by Lindajean Grillo, the proprietor of Ciara Cattery. In 1979, Grillo orchestrated pairings between Siamese cats and bicolored American Shorthair cats. The most appealing bicolored offspring were subsequently mated with Siamese or Oriental cats to refine their breed characteristics.

Simultaneously, across the Atlantic in Europe, notably in France and the Netherlands, breeders embarked on their quest to create Oriental Bicolor cats. Their journey commenced with the pairing of a red and white Moroccan street cat with a Siamese, followed by a union between a black and white Cornish Rex cat and a Siamese.

To ensure genetic diversity, American cats were imported and introduced into the breeding programs of Oriental Bicolor cats. The International Cat Association (TICA) bestowed official recognition in 1983, and a feline named Ciara Quite-N-Oreo emerged as the premier TICA Oriental Bicolor champion.

Fast-forward to 2003, Oriental Bicolor cats made their debut in the United Kingdom. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) conferred recognition in 2006, with provisional status achieved in 2008. Cat accessories on Amazon

It’s worth noting that different organizations categorize Oriental Bicolor cats differently. Some distinguish between longhaired and shorthaired varieties, while others opt to segregate solid and colorpoint patterns. The GCCF, in particular, treats Oriental Bicolor cats as a distinct breed, prohibiting those that carry color-pointed longhair genes. The GCCF permits outcrossing, but only with Siamese, Balinese, Oriental Longhair, and Oriental Shorthair cats. Offspring from these unions are eligible for registration as Oriental Bicolor cats, with one notable exception: those without white spots can be registered and showcased as Orientals.

Oriental Bicolor Personality

The Oriental Bicolor Cat: a captivating fusion of charm and cuteness that sets it apart from the feline crowd. These enchanting creatures bear a striking resemblance to their Oriental Shorthair or Oriental Longhair counterparts, with many of them belonging to both categories. However, let’s delve beyond the intricacies of their breed history to uncover what you can anticipate when welcoming an Oriental Bicolor into your family.

These captivating felines possess personalities that lean towards the playful and inquisitive side, likely influenced by their Siamese lineage. Their intelligence shines through as they delight in shadowing their human family members, immersing themselves in the ongoing activities. Like their close kin, they are renowned for their exceptional chattiness, punctuating the atmosphere with chirps, warbles, and, on occasion, resounding meows to underscore their sentiments.

But what distinguishes the Oriental Bicolors is their affinity not only for human companions but also for their feline and even canine counterparts. In contrast to breeds that might display aloofness toward other pets, Oriental Bicolors thrive on perpetual companionship and nurture deep bonds with other animals. They crave constant proximity to at least one friend, and if deprived of the attention they seek from both humans and fellow animals, they may spiral into the depths of despondency.

These exquisite felines may demand a bit more attention than your average cat, but their reciprocal affection knows no bounds. They are affectionate, attentive, delight in cuddles, and have an innate ability to brighten the gloomiest of days. In the Oriental Bicolor, you’ll find a lifelong companion that you’ll treasure.

Temperament: A Symphony of Traits

The Oriental Bicolor, a captivating feline breed, boasts a temperament characterized by a harmonious blend of attributes. Affectionate at heart, these cats have a penchant for showering their owners with love. Their inquisitive nature renders them curious companions, always eager to explore their surroundings, often to the delight (or chagrin) of their human counterparts. Their gregarious disposition ensures that they thrive in social interactions, making them a delightful addition to any household. Furthermore, these felines exhibit a remarkable degree of athleticism, which translates into their agility and ability to engage in acrobatic feats that leave onlookers in awe.

Known by Many Names

The Oriental Bicolor is a breed of many monikers. Beyond its official title, it is often referred to as the “Foreign type” or simply “Oriental Bicolour.” These alternative names reflect the widespread popularity and recognition of this breed among feline enthusiasts.

A Life Expectancy of 8-12 Years

As with all living beings, the lifespan of the Oriental Bicolor is finite, spanning an average of 8 to 12 years. This duration underscores the importance of responsible pet ownership, ensuring that these cherished feline companions are provided with the care and attention they need throughout their existence.

Pet-Friendly: Social Harmony

The pet-friendliness of the Oriental Bicolor is a facet of their personality that holds immense significance. It’s a window into their ability to seamlessly integrate into a multi-pet household, coexisting with a diverse array of animals, including not only fellow felines but also dogs and a myriad of other pets. A high rating in this category speaks of a feline companion with a truly congenial disposition, one that seems to have mastered the art of peaceful coexistence. On the flip side, a lower rating in this regard might imply that they lean towards being less amicable with their animal peers, raising the potential for inter-pet tensions that could disrupt the tranquility of a shared living space.

Kid-Friendly: Patience and Gentleness

For families contemplating the addition of a feline member, the level of kid-friendliness a breed exhibits stands as a pivotal criterion. It serves as a guiding beacon in determining whether the Oriental Bicolor, with its distinctive traits, will prove to be a harmonious fit in a household brimming with the boundless energy and curiosity of children. A higher rating in this aspect is akin to a declaration that the Oriental Bicolor is likely to exhibit not just tolerance, but a profound patience and innate gentleness when interacting with children.

Such a disposition makes them exceptionally suitable companions in households where young ones reign supreme. On the contrary, breeds that find themselves rated lower in terms of kid-friendliness may not be naturally inclined towards a harmonious relationship with the younger members of the family. This situation could potentially sow the seeds of discomfort and unease, both for the feline and the child, introducing an unwanted element of stress into the home environment.

Sociability: The Pursuit of Human Company

Sociability, a measure of how much a breed craves and actively seeks human interaction, delves into the emotional landscape of feline companions. Breeds with a high sociability rating revel in the presence of their human counterparts, often demonstrating an unquenchable thirst for togetherness throughout the day. They find fulfillment in the company of their beloved humans, eagerly partaking in shared moments of affection and companionship. In contrast, breeds that tend to be less sociable are inclined towards a certain independence, showing a selectiveness in their interactions. Such cats may value solitude and quiet contemplation, opting for occasional socialization rather than a constant need for human companionship.

Oriental Bicolor Affection Level: A Paw of Warmth

When pondering the enigmatic realm of the Oriental Bicolor’s affection level, one finds themselves peering into a captivating enigma, waiting for the veil to be lifted. Within the tapestry of feline personalities, affection is a paramount thread, weaving its way into the hearts of cat lovers worldwide. Those breeds that boast a high affection level wear their hearts on their furry sleeves, yearning for love as if it were an elixir of life itself. They embrace the art of giving and receiving affection with unwavering enthusiasm, sharing their warmth in a manner that melts even the frostiest of hearts.

These adoring felines are connoisseurs of petting sessions, reveling in the gentle caresses of their human companions. Every touch, every stroke, becomes a symphony of shared tenderness, as they purr in harmonious delight. But their affectionate disposition extends beyond mere physical touch. They are ardent snugglers, masters of the cozy, purring embrace, forging unbreakable emotional bonds with their beloved humans.

In contrast, there are breeds with a more reserved approach to affection. Their hearts are not less warm, but they may not actively seek out or reciprocate the constant displays of love. Instead, they possess a quieter, more understated adoration, like a fine wine maturing with age. Their affection is a treasure reserved for those moments when the world is still, and their souls align with yours, creating a connection that transcends mere physical touch. The Oriental Bicolor, in its quest to unravel the intricacies of its affection, stands as a fascinating enigma, waiting to be explored.

Activity Level: Energetic Enthusiasts

The Oriental Bicolor, a vivacious enigma in the feline world, presents us with the puzzle of its activity level. This breed, known for its dynamic and spirited nature, is an embodiment of energy in fur. High-energy breeds are akin to the Energizer Bunny of the cat kingdom, always on the go, seeking adventure around every corner.

These feline enthusiasts engage in vigorous play sessions, transforming your living space into a playground of epic proportions. Their boundless curiosity fuels a relentless exploration of the world around them, requiring both space and attention to satiate their insatiable appetite for stimulation. They are the acrobats of the household, leaping and bounding with an agility that would make even a gymnast envious. When a feather wand or a crinkling ball of paper enters their domain, they morph into agile hunters, pouncing with precision and grace.

Life with such an exuberant feline companion is a delightful rollercoaster of activity. Your day begins with a morning sprint through the house, as they chase their own shadows and imaginary prey. They are the ultimate workout partners, ensuring that you remain on your toes, both figuratively and literally. Whether it’s a frenzied game of chase or a daring climb up the tallest cat tree, they thrive on excitement and adventure.

Yet, within the whirlwind of their activity lies an irresistible charm. Their zest for life is contagious, infusing your world with a vibrant energy that can’t help but make you smile. As you navigate the enigmatic realm of the Oriental Bicolor’s activity level, you discover a dynamic companion, an enthusiastic soul, and a lively muse, inspiring you to embrace life’s zestful moments with open arms.

Oriental Bicolor Intelligence: A Curious Mind

The intelligence of the Oriental Bicolor adds a layer of fascination to its personality, making it a breed that enthralls and engages. High intelligence ratings hint at a feline’s voracious appetite for knowledge, a ceaseless curiosity that propels them towards investigation and learning. These feline companions are not only captivating in their company but also present an easier canvas for training and education. Their inquisitive minds welcome new experiences and challenges with open arms. Conversely, breeds that find themselves on the lower end of the intelligence scale, while they might not be as quick to grasp tricks or commands, often bring forth a different charm. Their laid-back disposition and easygoing nature make them content to bask in the simpler pleasures of life, steering away from the complexities of intellectual pursuits.

Playfulness: A Huntress’s Heart

Playfulness weaves a vital thread through the Oriental Bicolor’s nature, defining the extent of their spirited nature and their affinity for active engagement. Breeds that score higher in this realm are often graced with an indomitable hunting instinct, rendering them exceptional playmates. They cherish playtime as an adventure, pouncing on toys and engaging in frolics with unbridled enthusiasm, a sight to behold for their human counterparts. Their agility and boundless energy are sure to enchant and entertain, providing moments of shared joy and camaraderie.

Independence: Solitude or Companionship?

Independence, as a characteristic, unfolds a cat’s capacity to navigate solitary moments. Felines with higher independence scores are akin to self-sufficient spirits, content with the solitude of their own company. They possess the unique ability to keep themselves occupied for extended periods, finding solace in introspective moments and individual pursuits. Conversely, breeds that fall on the less-independent end of the spectrum may require a considerable amount of attention and companionship. Left to their own devices for extended durations, they might begin to exhibit signs of unhappiness and anxiety, underscoring their need for consistent human interaction and company as a source of comfort and reassurance.

Vocality: A Symphony of Sounds

Vocality, a defining aspect of the Oriental Bicolor’s nature, beckons us to delve into the intricate nuances of their vocal tendencies. When assessing this breed, one might encounter a wide spectrum of vocal expressions. A higher rating on the vocality scale implies that the Oriental Bicolor may be prone to frequent meowing, melodious trills, and an array of other vocalizations. They are, in essence, consummate communicators, proficient in expressing their desires, needs, and emotions with an eloquent repertoire of sounds.

In contrast, breeds with lower vocality ratings tend to be significantly more reserved in their verbal interactions. These felines prefer subtler forms of expression, relying on body language, flicks of their tails, or the elegance of a purr to convey their sentiments. The Oriental Bicolor’s vocal aptitude, however, transforms every interaction into a symphony of melodic utterances that captivate the hearts of those who engage with them.

Oriental Bicolor Grooming: The Art of Maintenance

Grooming for the Oriental Bicolor is an intricate art, mirroring the multifaceted nature of their personalities. Their grooming requirements are as diverse as the colors that adorn their luxurious coats. Breeds with higher grooming scores are akin to living canvases that demand regular, dedicated maintenance. This entails not only brushing their velvety fur with gentle strokes but also periodic baths to keep their pristine, striking appearance intact.

Conversely, breeds that fall into the lower echelons of grooming scores offer a reprieve to their human companions. These virtually maintenance-free felines require less attention in the grooming department. The Oriental Bicolor, with their splendid coats, gracefully dances on the precipice between meticulous upkeep and effortless beauty, ensuring that their owners find joy in pampering them.

Exercise: The Key to Health and Happiness

In the intricate tapestry of feline companionship, exercise threads its way as an indispensable strand. Understanding the Oriental Bicolor’s exercise needs is akin to deciphering a piece of a puzzle that holds the key to their overall well-being. Regular physical activity, in the form of playful romps or energetic frolics, is crucial to prevent the specter of obesity from looming over these magnificent creatures.

For the Oriental Bicolor, an active lifestyle is the bridge that connects them to a state of perpetual vitality and happiness. Their agile movements and curious nature demand an environment that fosters exploration and engagement, making exercise not just a recommendation but an imperative for those who seek to nurture their flourishing health.

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Oriental Bicolor Nutrition: The Foundation of Wellness

In the realm of feline health, nutrition stands as the unshakable foundation upon which longevity and vitality are built. Feeding the Oriental Bicolor a balanced diet tailored to their specific needs is not just a recommendation; it is an essential responsibility of a conscientious pet owner. This breed’s unique dietary requirements, stemming from their distinctive genetics, mandate meticulous consideration when crafting their meals.

To ensure their well-being, the discerning caregiver must consult with veterinarians and nutritionists, drawing up a bespoke nutritional regimen that caters to their specific dietary demands. In the art of nourishment, precision is paramount, ensuring that each morsel contributes to the Oriental Bicolor’s enduring health and resplendent appearance.

Care: A Commitment to a Lifetime of Love

In the grand finale of this feline symphony, the Oriental Bicolor embodies a mosaic of characteristics, a harmonious blend of temperament, sociability, grooming necessities, and dietary prerequisites. To embark on the journey of nurturing these enigmatic companions is to embrace a commitment of love that spans a lifetime.

Understanding and catering to their unique traits and requirements is the inaugural step on this noble journey. In return, the owner of an Oriental Bicolor is granted the privilege of sharing life with an exceptional and captivating companion, a source of boundless love, unwavering companionship, and the immeasurable joy that accompanies the feline-human bond.

The Breed Standard

The Oriental Bicolor cat, a breed known for its striking appearance, adheres to a specific set of standards to define its characteristics and distinguish it from other feline breeds. These standards encompass a variety of features that collectively contribute to the breed’s distinctive allure.


When it comes to the eyes of an Oriental Bicolor cat, several intricate details come into play. These feline orbs should be of medium size, exhibiting a captivating almond shape. The magic, however, lies in the subtle slant they possess. This slant, akin to an artist’s careful brushstroke, continues the graceful visual lines that the head and ears create. The colors that grace these mesmerizing eyes vary, encompassing a palette of possibilities. Green eyes often dominate the realm of Oriental Bicolor cats, casting an enchanting hue that adds to their mystique. Meanwhile, the colorpoint varieties of this breed tend to flaunt the captivating azure of blue eyes, like the clear sky on a serene day.

Legs & Paws:

The legs of an Oriental Bicolor cat, like the pillars of a finely crafted temple, contribute to the breed’s elegant appearance. They are notably long and slender, with the hind legs extending their reach beyond their foreleg counterparts, creating a harmonious balance of proportions. The paws, dainty and small, serve as the cat’s tactile instruments, exhibiting a charming oval shape that complements the feline’s overall grace and agility.


The tail of an Oriental Bicolor cat is a testament to the breed’s overall sleekness and refinement. It is a slender, elongated masterpiece, which gracefully tapers to a fine point at its extremity. This tail, like a delicate brushstroke on a canvas, adds to the feline’s exquisite and elongated profile.


The body of an Oriental Bicolor cat is a study of elegance and proportion. It is characterized by its length, which lends an air of elongation and grace. The slender, tubular physique of this breed conveys a sense of litheness and athleticism. When you gaze upon an Oriental Bicolor cat, you are met with the impression of a feline athlete, poised and ready to spring into action.


The head of the Oriental Bicolor cat is, without a doubt, one of its most distinguishing features. It takes on a striking triangular shape, accentuated by a wedge-shaped muzzle that adds to the feline’s captivating allure. The nose, notably long and perfectly straight, creates a profile that is truly distinctive, defining the elegant silhouette that is characteristic of this breed.


The Oriental Bicolor cat’s ears are another facet of its enchanting visage. These ears are characterized by their extraordinary size, almost as if they are designed to capture every subtle sound in their surroundings. They continue the triangular lines of the head, contributing to the breed’s overall aesthetic harmony. With wide bases and pointed tips, they are akin to elegant flags of feline grace.


The coat of an Oriental Bicolor cat is another aspect that varies, adding to the intrigue of the breed. It may present in two distinct lengths: short or long. The texture of the coat is best described as soft and silky, a tactile delight for those who have the privilege of stroking it. Most Oriental Bicolor cats tend to boast a shorter variety of coats, but regardless of length, the allure of their fur is undeniable.


The coloration of an Oriental Bicolor cat is a point of particular interest, but it is also subject to certain variations depending on the specific registry. In most cases, when you hear the term “Oriental Bicolor,” it typically refers to solid-color Oriental cats that feature the distinctive addition of white spots within their coats. These symphonic compositions of color and contrast enhance the breed’s captivating and dynamic appearance, emphasizing the artistic blending of shades that characterizes the Oriental Bicolor cat.

Shedding Habits of Oriental Bicolor Cats

A common concern for prospective cat owners is the shedding habits of different breeds, as excessive shedding can lead to allergies and housecleaning challenges. Oriental Bicolor cats, however, are known for their short and sleek coat, which means they tend to shed significantly less than their long-haired counterparts. While it’s important to note that all cats shed to some extent, the minimal shedding of Oriental Bicolor cats makes them an appealing choice for those who prefer a cleaner and allergen-friendly environment. Their short, fine fur is not only easier to maintain but also enhances their striking appearance, accentuating their vibrant coat colors and distinct patterns. Nevertheless, regular grooming and brushing are still recommended to keep your Oriental Bicolor cat’s coat healthy and reduce shedding to a minimum, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between you and your beloved feline friend.


In terms of nutritional requirements, Oriental Bicolor cats have no extraordinary demands. Nevertheless, a high-protein diet, with real meat or fish as the primary ingredient, can significantly benefit their overall health and longevity. The quality of their food directly correlates with their well-being.

Typically, Oriental Bicolors boast short, single-layer coats, which means they require minimal grooming. These cats are adept at maintaining their fabulous appearance with little human intervention. However, a brief brushing once or twice a week can aid in reducing shedding and the potential formation of hairballs. Moreover, it’s an activity your feline friend is likely to relish. After a gentle brush, you can further polish their coat with a chamois or a silk scarf.

For longhaired Oriental Bicolors, a daily brushing regimen is imperative.

Given their penchant for climbing, keeping their claws trimmed becomes essential for preserving your furniture. Introducing grooming procedures such as tooth brushing and claw trimming from a young age can help your kitten adjust to these practices as a routine.

Oriental Bicolor cats are accomplished athletes, ensuring that they receive adequate exercise for their well-being is relatively effortless. Running, leaping, and scaling heights rank among their favorite pastimes. Their prowess in interactive games, including fetch, is unmatched, a trait that echoes the broader Oriental cat group.

Enhance your pet’s physical activity by providing a tall cat tree, window seats, and scratching posts that allow them to flex their athletic prowess without wreaking havoc on your furnishings. Absent such outlets, your Oriental Bicolor may choose less favorable alternatives for gaining elevated views—your great aunt’s 19th-century china cabinet might just fall victim to their exploration.

These inquisitive felines constantly seek stimuli to explore and play with, necessitating a varied selection of toys. Without an adequate toy collection, your cat will readily find alternative amusement, which may not align with your household decorum. Cat accessories on Amazon

Oriental Bicolor cats, in general, are a hardy breed. Nonetheless, they are susceptible to certain health complications that are prevalent within the broader Oriental cat group, including cancer, asthma, dilated cardiomyopathy, megaesophagus, liver amyloidosis, feline lower urinary tract disease, and progressive retinal atrophy. Some may also exhibit cross-eyed traits.

The Cost of Oriental Bicolor Cats

When considering bringing an Oriental Bicolor cat into your home, one of the initial questions that might cross your mind pertains to the price you can expect to pay for this exquisite feline companion. The cost of Oriental Bicolor cats can fluctuate depending on various factors, such as the cat’s pedigree, age, breeder reputation, and geographic location. Generally, prospective cat owners can anticipate spending anywhere from $400 to $2000 or possibly even more for these elegant and striking felines. This price range underscores the diversity of the Oriental Bicolor cat market, which offers options for both those on a budget and individuals willing to invest in a high-quality, well-bred cat. It’s important to remember that while the upfront cost may vary, the long-term expenses of caring for your Oriental Bicolor cat, including food, grooming, veterinary care, and other necessities, should also be considered when making your decision.

The Size of Oriental Bicolor Cats

Oriental Bicolor cats are renowned for their unique and distinctive appearance, but you might be curious about how large these felines typically grow to be. These cats generally fall into the medium-sized category, with fully grown adults weighing between 8 to 12 pounds or, in some cases, even more. This weight range is influenced by factors like genetics, diet, and overall health. When it comes to height, Oriental Bicolor cats typically measure in at about 8 to 10 inches tall at the shoulder. However, these measurements can vary from one individual to another, reflecting the natural diversity that exists within this breed. The balanced and graceful proportions of Oriental Bicolor cats make them a visually appealing addition to any household, with their slender bodies and striking color patterns captivating the hearts of cat enthusiasts around the world.

The Lifespan of Oriental Bicolor Cats

Understanding the potential lifespan of your future feline companion is a crucial aspect of responsible pet ownership. Oriental Bicolor cats, like many domestic cats, typically live for an average of 8 to 12 years. Of course, there are factors that can influence the exact length of a cat’s life, such as genetics, diet, access to veterinary care, and the overall living environment. These elegant cats have the potential to be cherished members of your family for a significant portion of your life, so providing them with a nurturing and healthy environment is essential to ensure they reach their full life expectancy. Remember that while genetics play a role in their longevity, proper care and attention can significantly contribute to their overall well-being and a longer, healthier life.

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