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Pixie-Bob Cat Breed Profile: Health, Traits, Groom, Care

What is a Pixie-Bob cat breed and what about its profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, grooming, care, and other interesting facts? With their distinctive short tails and wild, captivating appearance, Pixie-Bob cats are bound to seize your imagination while simultaneously stealing your heart. Despite their exotic looks, modern DNA testing has dispelled the notion of wild bobcat blood running in their veins, solidifying their status as 100% domestic feline companions.

Pixie-Bob Cats: A Fascinating Feline Breed

Pixie-Bob cats, with their enigmatic and captivating demeanor, have skillfully etched out a unique and cherished niche within the realm of feline companions. These extraordinary creatures are not just cats; they are enchanting enigmas, veiled in a mystique that beckons you to explore further. Their temperament, a symphony of sweetness, sociability, boundless affection, and a playfully spirited disposition, forms the bedrock of their appeal, ceaselessly endearing them to devoted cat aficionados across the globe.

A Blend of Origins: United States and Africa

The Pixie-Bob cat’s genesis is a fascinating tapestry woven from the threads of the United States and African lineage, representing a testament to the captivating diversity that can be unearthed within the tapestry of the feline world. This exotic blend of ancestries has imprinted upon them not only an exceptional set of physical attributes but also a distinctive behavioral tapestry that makes them a truly unparalleled gem in the pantheon of feline breeds.

The Fascinating History of the Pixie-Bob Breed

The origins of the Pixie-Bob cat breed are shrouded in captivating legends and intriguing tales. As the story goes, this breed’s inception was the result of a liaison between a barn cat and a coastal bobcat, although contemporary DNA analysis has debunked the presence of wild bobcat genes in these captivating creatures. Nevertheless, the Pixie-Bob’s sizable frame continues to keep the legend alive.

The first documented Pixie-Bob cats emerged in the records of Carol Ann Brewer from Mount Baker, Washington. In 1985, she acquired a male cat with a short tail, a spotted coat, and polydactyl paws. In the subsequent January, she came to the rescue of a severely emaciated male cat, weighing a surprising 17 pounds, despite his skeletal appearance. This cat, aptly named Keba, was rumored to have originated from the union of a domestic female cat and a male bobcat.

Keba mated with a neighbor’s brown tabby female cat, leading to the birth of a litter of kittens in April 1986. Brewer handpicked one of the females, bestowing upon her the name “Pixie.” The following year, Pixie became a founding member of the Pixie-Bob breed.

Over the next few years, Brewer embarked on a quest to locate cats believed to be the result of natural crossings between domestic cats and wild bobcats, subsequently integrating 23 of them into her breeding program, aptly dubbing them “Legend cats.” Collaborating with other breeders, this endeavor contributed to the diversification of the gene pool, ultimately culminating in the creation of the Pixie-Bob breed as it stands today.

Carol Ann Brewer played a pivotal role in formalizing the breed, leading the charge to secure its registration. The International Cat Association bestowed recognition in 1993, categorizing it within the exhibition domain. The year 1996 witnessed the Pixie-Bob receiving the esteemed status of a new breed and color. Finally, in 1998, these captivating felines were honored with championship status, solidifying their place in the world of pedigree cats.

Pixie-Bob Personality and Temperament

Pixie-Bob cats are more than just a striking visage; their personalities are equally enchanting. These feline friends exude a remarkable degree of friendliness and sweetness, extending their affections to every member of the family, be it the kids, other cats, or well-behaved dogs. In fact, some families liken them to dogs in terms of temperament, as Pixie-Bob cats exhibit unwavering loyalty and a penchant for activities usually associated with their canine counterparts. These spirited felines relish games like fetch, can be trained to walk on a leash, and even display an unusual fondness for joining their human companions on car rides.

If you seek a large, playful cat with a unique appearance and an extraordinary personality, the Pixie-Bob might just be the companion you’ve been tirelessly searching for.

Extended Lifespan: A Decade and More

One of the most heartwarming facets of Pixie-Bob cats is their extraordinary longevity. These majestic creatures boast a life expectancy that reaches far beyond a decade, often ranging from 13 to 16 years. This prolonged companionship these felines offer is akin to a precious gift, providing cat enthusiasts with ample time to nurture, forge, and cherish enduring bonds with these marvelous creatures, turning each moment into a lasting memory.

Affection Unveiled: A Cat’s Heart on Display

In the world of feline companions, Pixie-Bob cats are renowned for the profound depth of affection they carry in their hearts, a quality that speaks volumes about their ardent desire for both giving and receiving love and attention. Every gentle stroke, each cozy snuggle session, is met with an enthusiastic purr, further solidifying their status as ideal companions for those whose hearts crave a cat’s affectionate presence, turning an ordinary day into a heartwarming tapestry of love.

Active Lifestyle: A Cat in Motion

For individuals and families who relish the dynamic company of a lively feline, Pixie-Bob cats effortlessly fit the bill. Their exuberance knows no bounds, driving them towards an active, playful life that demands not only attention but also space for their vibrant expressions. The constant burst of energy they bring into a household ensures that life remains a vibrant, ever-entertaining spectacle.

Harmony with Other Pets: Pet-Friendly Companions

Aspiring Pixie-Bob cat owners often deliberate on the prospect of harmonious coexistence with other animals. Whether it be cats, dogs, or any other pet species, the pet-friendliness ingrained in Pixie-Bobs significantly influences the overall tranquility and balance within the household, offering the prospect of a harmonious menagerie.

Child’s Play: Kid-Friendly Disposition

For families with young children, Pixie-Bob cats embody a soothing and reassuring presence. Their higher rating in the kid-friendly category is a testament to their natural gentleness and patience, ensuring that the youngest members of the family can revel in the joy of their feline companionship without a shadow of apprehension, allowing bonds to form that can last a lifetime.

Sociability: Always There for You

Pixie-Bob cats, with an insatiable appetite for social interactions, swiftly integrate themselves as cherished members of your family unit. Their high sociability rating serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to spending quality time with humans, making them exceptional companions for individuals who yearn for a constant and comforting feline presence in their lives, ensuring that you are never truly alone.

Intelligence: A Curious and Trainable Mind

Intelligence, that enigmatic quality that distinguishes one creature from another, takes on intriguing variations even within the realm of feline companionship. Among these inquisitive beings, the Pixie-Bob cats shine, their intellect a testament to their unique character. This breed boasts a heightened intelligence quotient, revealing a ceaseless curiosity that, when coupled with an inherently investigative nature, beckons the avid minds of owners to engage in interactive and enriching activities.

The Pixie-Bob cat’s intellectual prowess opens doors to the world of training, where they quickly grasp concepts, demonstrating an uncanny ability to learn and adapt. In turn, this facet of their being fosters a remarkable bond, fostering a deeper connection between them and their human counterparts.

Playfulness: A Feline Hunter at Heart

The playfulness that courses through the veins of the Pixie-Bob cat is nothing short of awe-inspiring. This breed’s ancestral hunting instincts, deeply ingrained in their genetic code, find a contemporary outlet in their role as exceptional playtime companions. With an energy reservoir seemingly boundless, Pixie-Bob cats transform mundane play sessions into electrifying adventures.

Pouncing with precision and chasing elusive toys, they exude an infectious zeal that invites their owners to partake in an unending cycle of feline frolic. This boundless enthusiasm for play does more than entertain; it strengthens the bonds of companionship, forging unforgettable memories in the hearts of all who cross their path.

Pixie-Bob Cat Care

When it comes to Pixie-Bob cat care, one must delve into the intricacies of providing these extraordinary feline companions with the love and attention they truly deserve. This enigmatic breed, known for its striking wild appearance, requires a unique approach to ensure its well-being. Pixie-Bob cats are an intriguing blend of domestic and wild cat genetics, which calls for a keen understanding of their distinct needs.

A crucial aspect of Pixie-Bob cat care is creating a safe and stimulating environment. Due to their inherent wild lineage, these cats tend to be more territorial than their purely domestic counterparts. It’s essential to offer a spacious living area with plenty of vertical space, as these cats love to climb and explore. Their inquisitive nature thrives on environmental enrichment, making cat trees, interactive toys, and scratching posts indispensable additions to your home.

Another vital element of Pixie-Bob cat care is maintaining a consistent routine. These cats thrive on predictability, and they appreciate having their meals, playtime, and sleep schedule. Providing a structured routine helps alleviate any potential stress, making for a happier and healthier feline companion.

Pixie-Bob Cat Nutrition

Delving into Pixie-Bob cat nutrition is a fascinating journey into tailoring a diet that suits their unique requirements. These captivating cats often exhibit an insatiable curiosity, a characteristic that should extend to their dietary needs. Given their wild heritage, a high-protein diet is essential to keep them healthy and satisfied.

Intriguingly, Pixie-Bob cats tend to benefit from a diet with a mixture of high-quality commercial cat food and raw or cooked meats. The inclusion of lean meats replicates their ancestral diet, promoting optimal health. However, always consult your veterinarian for precise guidance, as each cat’s dietary needs can vary.

Furthermore, hydration plays a vital role in Pixie-Bob cat nutrition. These cats often have a penchant for freshwater sources, so providing a constantly refreshed water bowl is paramount. If your Pixie-Bob is reluctant to drink water, you might consider wet cat food to supplement their fluid intake.

Pixie-Bob Cat Grooming

Pixie-Bob cat grooming presents an opportunity to bond with your enigmatic feline friend while ensuring their coat remains in pristine condition. These captivating cats sport a double-layered coat with a soft, plush undercoat and a thicker outer layer. Regular grooming helps prevent matting, reduces shedding, and enhances their overall appearance.

Grooming Pixie-Bob cats should be a gentle and unhurried process, as they tend to be sensitive to abrupt handling. A soft-bristle brush or a grooming glove is ideal for removing loose fur and ensuring their coat stays lustrous. Take the time to pamper your Pixie-Bob with gentle strokes, and use this bonding time to inspect their ears, eyes, and overall health.

It’s essential to pay special attention to the ears of Pixie-Bob cats. Their tufted ears can trap dirt and debris, potentially leading to ear infections. Regular cleaning with a veterinarian-approved solution is recommended to maintain ear hygiene.

Pixie-Bob Cat Exercise

When considering Pixie-Bob cat exercise, it’s important to recognize that these magnificent felines have a strong hunting instinct inherited from their wild ancestors. As a result, engaging them in play that simulates hunting is not only physically beneficial but also mentally stimulating.

Interactive toys like feather wands, laser pointers, and puzzle feeders are excellent tools for Pixie-Bob cat exercise. These activities tap into their innate curiosity and provide the mental stimulation they crave. Creating an environment that allows them to “hunt” their toys can be immensely satisfying for these wild-at-heart cats.

Moreover, outdoor access, if safe and supervised, can provide Pixie-Bob cats with a taste of the wild within a controlled setting. Constructing a catio or harness training can give them the opportunity to explore while ensuring their safety.

In summary, Pixie-Bob cat care encompasses a holistic approach that considers their unique nature, dietary requirements, grooming needs, and exercise preferences. Understanding and catering to these elements will result in a contented and healthy Pixie-Bob cat, making them a cherished addition to any family.

The Vocalizations of Pixie-Bob Cats

Pixie-Bob cats, with their distinctive and captivating personalities, possess a remarkable vocal characteristic that sets them apart from your typical feline companion. Unlike most domestic cats that liberally meow to communicate with their human counterparts, Pixie-Bob cats prefer to express themselves in a rather unique and fascinating manner.

Instead of the familiar meow, they engage in a symphony of chirping and chattering noises, and occasionally, you might even hear them emit low, guttural growls. These unusual vocalizations create an air of mystique around Pixie-Bob cats, leaving their owners both delighted and perplexed by their uncanny ability to convey their feelings through such an intriguing auditory repertoire.

Exceptional Trainability of Pixie-Bob Cats

Pixie-Bob cats, beyond their enigmatic vocalizations, exhibit a level of intelligence and trainability that sets them apart in the realm of feline companionship. Their mental acumen and adaptability make them highly receptive to various forms of training. Surprisingly, these cats have the capacity to learn not just basic commands but even words and phrases, akin to a parrot or a dog.

Through positive reinforcement, a Pixie-Bob cat can be molded into a remarkable companion with an array of desirable behaviors. Their aptitude for learning and their willingness to engage in training activities add an extra layer of charm to these already enchanting creatures, allowing for a deep and interactive bond between them and their human caregivers.

Pixie-Bob Cats: The Domestic Wildcat Hybrids

Pixie-Bob cats have long held a reputation as mysterious felines with a hint of the wild about them. Although it’s believed that they may have originated from pairings between domestic cats and wildcats, an intriguing aspect is that Pixie-Bobs lack any significant trace of wild bobcat DNA in their genetic makeup.

This absence of wildcat heritage sets them apart from exotic wild cat breeds, which often have stricter ownership regulations due to their closer genetic ties to their untamed ancestors. As a result, Pixie-Bob cats offer the allure of a wildcat without the concomitant ownership restrictions, allowing cat enthusiasts to embrace their wild and captivating nature within the comfortable and loving confines of a domestic setting.

Vocality: Expressive Voices

The realm of vocality finds the Pixie-Bob cat endowed with a richness of expression that is nothing short of mesmerizing. With a higher rating in this category, these feline companions are prone to unleashing a symphony of meows, purrs, and vocalizations that dance through the air with a lyrical eloquence. In their vocalizations, they become masterful communicators, artfully expressing their thoughts, desires, and emotions.

Each meow, a melodious sonnet, carries with it a unique sentiment, whether it be a plea for attention, an invitation to play, or a proclamation of contentment. This harmonious discourse that Pixie-Bob cats engage in lends a captivating and vocal dimension to the atmosphere of any household they inhabit, turning even the most mundane moments into an operatic experience.

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Grooming Demands: Aesthetic Maintenance

The grooming needs of Pixie-Bob cats unveil another layer of intricacy that distinguishes them from other feline breeds. These captivating creatures are divided into two categories, each demanding a distinct approach when it comes to their aesthetic maintenance. For those belonging to the higher grooming score echelon, a diligent and meticulous regimen becomes the order of the day.

Regular brushing and occasional baths are de rigueur, ensuring that their captivating appearance, complete with tufted ears and distinctive coat patterns, remains impeccable. However, for those seeking a more relaxed approach to companionship, Pixie-Bob cats with lower grooming scores provide a virtually maintenance-free alternative. They are the ideal choice for those who relish the joys of feline companionship without the rigorous demands of grooming, thereby embracing a carefree and low-maintenance bond that echoes the ease and simplicity that some cat enthusiasts yearn for in their lives.

Independence: Self-Sufficient or Socialite?

Within the intricate tapestry of feline personalities, the Pixie-Bob cat exhibits a fascinating duality in their independence, allowing them to seamlessly adapt to diverse lifestyles. These enigmatic creatures are a study in contrast – some exemplify an almost self-sufficient demeanor. With a high score in the independence category, they revel in solitude, content to while away the hours with quiet contemplation.

This trait is a boon for those whose lives are bustling and whose schedules are often overrun with commitments, for a Pixie-Bob’s contented solitude means a harmonious coexistence. On the other side of the spectrum, those Pixie-Bob cats with a lower independence rating prove to be effervescent socialites, craving constant attention and interaction. These extroverted felines eagerly immerse themselves in the daily lives of their owners, demanding affection and engagement at every turn, thereby ensuring that not a moment is dull in their presence.

Distinctive Characteristics of the Pixie-Bob Cat Breed


When it comes to the enchanting world of Pixie-Bob cats, their unique breed standard encompasses a range of captivating features that set them apart. The eyes of this feline marvel are a focal point of their mystique. These captivating orbs are heavily hooded, exuding an air of mystery and intrigue. With a soft triangle shape, they strike a harmonious balance between grace and allure.

Their medium size adds to their mesmerizing appeal. In addition, the eyes are thoughtfully positioned, maintaining a distance of precisely one eye’s width apart. As for their color palette, Pixie-Bob cats have been graced with eyes that shimmer with the hues of gold, brown, and the rare and intriguing gooseberry green, adding to the enigmatic charm they exude.


In the Pixie-Bob’s unique silhouette, the tail is a defining feature. With a minimum length requirement of 2 inches, it contributes to the mystique, albeit its limit cannot exceed the length of the hock. Kinks and curls are not anomalies here; rather, they are embraced and accepted as part of the Pixie-Bob’s captivating identity. These distinctive tails encapsulate the untamed essence of this extraordinary breed, hinting at the enigmatic stories whispered in the depths of their genes.


The Pixie-Bob cat’s body is a canvas painted with elegance and hints of untamed wilderness. Sized somewhere between medium and large, it boasts prominent shoulder blades that lend the feline an air of muscular grace. The body’s contour is a gentle rise from shoulder to hip, a subtle slope that adds to the breed’s unique charm. A broad chest further accentuates the sense of power under the surface, and the presence of a primordial belly pouch lends a glimpse into the Pixie-Bob’s mysterious past.


At the very core of the Pixie-Bob’s enigma lies its head, a piece of living art that leaves observers spellbound. Medium to large in size, it forms an inverted pear shape that is both distinctive and alluring. The chin and nose, in perfect alignment, epitomize balance and symmetry. The muzzle is full, boasting a definite whisker break and plush whisker pads. The nose itself is broad and slightly convex, adorned with a slight nose bump and a large brick-colored nose leather, which radiates warmth and character.

Legs & Paws:

Beneath the Pixie-Bob’s enigmatic gaze lie legs and paws that mirror its wild ancestry. These limbs are a testament to both grace and strength, exuding an air of regal robustness. The legs, long and muscular, come adorned with heavy boning, symbolizing the cat’s primal prowess. Notably, the hind legs, in their majesty, extend with a grandeur that surpasses their forelegs, a nod to the untamed lineage that courses through their veins.


The Pixie-Bob cat’s ears are a testament to the intricacies of its breed standard. Of medium height, these ears are characterized by wide, deep bases, offering a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Positioned not just on the top but also at the sides of the head, they maintain an air of watchfulness.

Their tips, delightfully rounded, add a sense of softness to their robust physique. The presence of Lynx tipping, especially prominent in longhair cats, imparts an exotic quality to these ears. A further enchanting detail lies in the thumbprint markings on their backs, as though nature itself has inscribed its signature.


The Pixie-Bob cat’s coat is a testament to both form and function. It may manifest in either short or medium length, with a particular flourish of longer belly hair. The texture varies according to length, ranging from soft to semi-dense. This dichotomy allows Pixie-Bobs to exude an irresistible tactile charm, inviting one to run their fingers through their luxurious fur, an experience that provides a unique connection to the essence of this enigmatic breed.


In the world of Pixie-Bob cats, the coat is a canvas on which an intricate masterpiece is painted. The palette is rich and earthy, with shades of brown spotted tabby dominating the landscape. Yet, there is a touch of finesse in this wilderness, with a white or cream band encircling the eyes, reminiscent of ancient masks, and mascara markings that gracefully extend from the outer eye corner down to the cheek, adding an air of mystery.

Within this canvas, small to medium spots, muted by ticking, intertwine to create a unique pattern that speaks of nature’s artistry. However, one cannot forget to admire the belly, where these spots, like hidden treasures, make a final appearance, completing the spellbinding tale of the Pixie-Bob cat’s captivating coat.

Shedding Habits of Pixie-Bob Cats

Shedding is a concern for many cat owners, as excessive fur can lead to allergies and the need for constant cleaning. Fortunately, Pixie-Bob cats belong to the category of short-haired breeds, which significantly reduces the extent of shedding when compared to their long-haired counterparts. While no cat is entirely free from shedding, Pixie-Bobs shed less, making them an excellent choice for those who prefer a more manageable grooming routine. However, it’s essential to remember that regular brushing can still help keep their coat healthy and minimize loose fur. This shedding advantage is just one more reason to consider the captivating Pixie-Bob cat as your feline companion.

The Cost of a Pixie-Bob Cat

If you’re considering bringing a Pixie-Bob cat into your home, it’s essential to understand the financial aspect of this decision. Pixie-Bob cats, with their unique appearance and charming personalities, are often associated with a rather hefty price tag. The cost of a Pixie-Bob cat can vary but generally falls within the range of $1800 to $3000. This price range reflects the breed’s desirability and the care that reputable breeders put into raising these distinctive feline companions. When investing in a Pixie-Bob cat, you’re not just purchasing a pet; you’re acquiring a piece of living art, an enigmatic creature that will enrich your life in more ways than one.

The Stature of Pixie-Bob Cats

The physical characteristics of Pixie-Bob cats are another aspect that piques the interest of potential cat owners. Pixie-Bob cats are known for their medium-sized build, which sets them apart from larger breeds like Maine Coons and smaller ones such as Siamese cats. When fully grown, these captivating felines typically weigh in the range of 8 to 18 pounds or even more, depending on individual genetics and overall health. In terms of height, Pixie-Bob cats measure approximately 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder. This medium stature gives them a balanced and well-proportioned appearance, making them a charming addition to any household. The Pixie-Bob’s unique blend of wild and domestic characteristics lends an exotic touch to its aesthetic appeal.

The Lifespan of Pixie-Bob Cats

Understanding the potential longevity of your feline friend is crucial for planning your future together. Pixie-Bob cats have an average lifespan of 13 to 16 years. This impressive duration speaks to their robust health and adaptability. To ensure that your Pixie-Bob reaches the higher end of this range, proper care, a nutritious diet, regular veterinary check-ups, and a loving, stimulating environment are paramount. Over the years, your Pixie-Bob cat will become not just a pet but a beloved member of your family, bringing joy, companionship, and a unique presence to your life.

Ensuring the Health and Well-being of Pixie-Bob Cats

Pixie-Bob cats, owing to their considerable size, often require more calories than the average feline. To maintain their well-being, a high-quality diet rich in protein and low in carbohydrates, featuring real meat or fish as the primary ingredient, is crucial. Cat accessories on Amazon

These cats boast thick, luxurious coats, and while they are diligent groomers, it is beneficial to conduct regular brushing sessions, aimed at detangling loose hair to prevent hairballs and minimize shedding on your furniture and clothing. In addition, early training in accepting toothbrushing and nail clipping can be invaluable. Regular nail trimming helps safeguard your furniture, clothing, and your own skin, as their exuberant activities might inadvertently lead to accidental scratches.

Beyond their love for cozy beds and catnaps, Pixie-Bob cats are naturally active creatures, always yearning to run, jump, and climb. Consequently, providing them with ample enrichment is essential. Even if constructing an outdoor catio is not feasible, a sturdy cat tower with a spacious platform at the top is a must. Additionally, scratching posts and a variety of durable toys should be in abundance to satiate their curiosity and withstand the enthusiastic play of these sizeable felines.

Pixie-Bob cats generally enjoy good health. Nevertheless, there is a potential issue in some males – cryptorchidism. This condition, which can be rectified through surgical neutering, disqualifies a cat from being shown as an intact male. Vigilance in their diet and regular exercise is essential to prevent obesity and promote overall well-being.

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