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Ragamuffin Cat Breed: Health, Facts, Traits, Groom, Care

What is a Ragamuffin cat breed and what about its profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, grooming, care, and other interesting facts? The Ragamuffin cat, a feline breed that epitomizes a striking blend of charm and elegance, is not merely a pet; it is a heartwarming embodiment of the feline spirit. Their temperament is nothing short of a symphony of traits that can melt the iciest of hearts, exuding friendliness, sweetness, relaxation, and boundless affection. Ragamuffin cats, with their distinctive combination of attributes, hold a hallowed place in the hearts of those fortunate enough to share their lives with these delightful and majestic creatures.


The intriguing history of the Ragamuffin cat is interwoven with the foundations of the Ragdoll breed. The inception of these captivating creatures harks back to the development of IRCA Cherubim Cats, a breed cultivated between 1971 and 1994. This unique lineage boasts notable ancestry, with renowned IRCA Miracle Ragdolls, Honey Bears, Ragdolls, and Maximilian breeding lines contributing to the formation of the Ragamuffin cat.

The roots of this breed delve even deeper, tracing their lineage to the IRCA Ragdoll cats and Cherubim cats, which were originally registered privately under the aegis of the International Ragdoll Cat Association, an organization spearheaded by the pioneering breeder Ann Baker. It is fascinating to note that many of the cats pivotal to the foundation of these breeds descended from Josephine, a domestic long-haired feline whose genetic heritage veiled itself in mystery, belonging possibly to Persian or Angora lineage. Her claim to fame lay in her unique ability to produce kittens with extraordinary docility, a trait that reverberates through the Ragamuffin breed.

By the year 1994, a group of intrepid IRCA breeders embarked on a new journey. In an intriguing turn of events, due to trademark entanglements associated with the breed names Ragdoll and Cherubim, these breeders opted for a fresh nomenclature for the progeny of their IRCA Cherubim cats. The name “Ragamuffin,” suggested by one of the founding members, Curt Gehm, was embraced and etched into history.

Notably, during the initial phase of their development, Ragamuffins were subjected to a limited number of outcrossings, with domestic longhair cats, Persians, and IRCA Ragdolls being among the selected lineages. In the contemporary context, only cats with at least one Ragamuffin parent and one parent hailing from CFA, ACFA, or GCCF outcross lines earn the distinction of being recognized as bona fide Ragamuffins.

The official acknowledgment of the Ragamuffin breed came to fruition when the Cat Fanciers Association accorded them a place in the miscellaneous class in 2003, an accolade that was subsequently elevated to championship status in 2011.

Ragamuffin Personality and Temperament

The Ragamuffin cat, with its voluminous fur and amiable disposition, presents an enchanting choice for those seeking a feline companion. Intriguingly, Ragamuffins share an ancestral lineage with Ragdoll Cats, and as such, they exhibit a remarkable overlap in their characteristics, which further bolsters their appeal.

What sets these cats apart is their remarkable friendliness and sociability. In stark contrast to the aloof tendencies of many of their feline counterparts, Ragamuffins extend a hearty welcome to anyone who approaches them, provided they are treated with the reverence they deserve. These charming creatures revel in human touch, eagerly embracing the opportunity to be cradled, with their bodies yielding to relaxation and contentment when lifted and cuddled. An evening spent watching your favorite shows or movies becomes infinitely cozier with a Ragamuffin curled up next to you, or while working from home, they might choose to nap alongside you. Come nightfall, these affectionate cats snuggle up with you, emanating a sense of warmth and serenity.

Surprisingly, beneath their preference for leisure and repose, Ragamuffin cats conceal a playful side, waiting to be unveiled. In moments of solitude, they will gleefully engage in solo play, swatting at a favored ball or whimsically pursuing a catnip-infused mouse from corner to corner. They hold a particular penchant for interactive games, and their charming, delicate demeanor shines through even when they are in the throes of playtime, making them the darling of their families.

However, despite their resilience, these cats are best suited to indoor living. Their lush coats, while utterly luxurious, tend to collect debris, necessitating a controlled indoor environment. Moreover, their laid-back temperaments render them ill-equipped for braving the capricious elements or confronting perilous situations in the great outdoors, a domain far removed from their cozy, domestic sphere.

Known by Many Names: The Teddy Bear of the Cat World and the Velcro Cat

While it may be officially known as the Ragamuffin cat, this endearing breed boasts a gallery of monikers, each as enchanting as the next, mirroring the enchanting nature of these felines. Affectionately referred to as the “Teddy Bear of the cat world,” Ragamuffins, with their plush fur and gentle disposition, quite literally embody the essence of a cuddly, bear-like creature. Moreover, they are playfully designated as the “Velcro cat” due to their charming habit of sticking closely to their human companions, a testament to their unwavering and magnetic affection.

A Remarkable Lifespan: 13-16 Years of Companionship

For those who opt to open their hearts and homes to a Ragamuffin cat, the reward is not just a fleeting affair but rather a journey of lasting companionship. These magnificent creatures are endowed with a remarkable lifespan that typically spans from 13 to 16 years, ensuring a profound and enduring bond. Such a time frame grants ample opportunity to forge cherished memories and build a relationship that resonates with a deep sense of togetherness.

Affection Level: Overflowing Love and Devotion

When it comes to affection, Ragamuffin cats stand atop a pedestal of feline devotion that knows no bounds. They are the epitome of the ideal feline companion, appealing to individuals who seek a loyal and affectionate friend. The Ragamuffin’s high affection level is not merely an attribute; it is an unswerving commitment to providing and receiving boundless attention. Be it a cozy session of cuddling on the couch or the soft purring emanating from your lap, their love is not just deep but also constant.

Distinct Coloration in Ragdoll and Ragamuffin Cats

In the realm of feline diversity, two captivating cat breeds, the Ragdoll and the Ragamuffin, showcase distinctive features that set them apart. A prominent differentiator between these feline companions lies in their fur. The Ragdoll cats, renowned for their ethereal beauty, sport a coat with pointed coloration. This exquisite characteristic entails a coat that exhibits a contrast between a lighter body and darker-colored extremities, such as their ears, face, paws, and tail.

On the other hand, Ragamuffin cats, while equally enchanting, boast a far more lenient palette when it comes to their fur. In contrast to their Ragdoll counterparts, Ragamuffins are not constrained by a specific coloration requirement, allowing for an array of hues and patterns to grace their luxurious coats. This pivotal distinction in fur aesthetics underscores the beguiling diversity within the world of feline companions, catering to the preferences of cat enthusiasts far and wide.

The Laid-back Lifestyle of Ragamuffin Cats

Ragamuffin cats have earned themselves a reputation for being among the most leisurely and unhurried of all cat breeds. If you’re in search of a feline companion that perfectly complements a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle, the Ragamuffin might be the quintessential choice for you. This breed is renowned for its amiable and affable nature, making them the ideal furry friend for those who appreciate a serene, unruffled environment.

Their disposition aligns harmoniously with a tranquil household, where they’re content to lounge around, exuding a sense of calm that can be remarkably soothing to their human companions. Ragamuffin cats excel at creating a serene atmosphere, inviting you to unwind and bask in their tranquil presence, thus making them a splendid choice for those seeking a furry confidant to share their leisurely moments.

The Stature of Ragamuffin Cats

One can’t help but be impressed by the sheer size that Ragamuffin cats can attain. In the world of feline proportions, Ragamuffins stands out as the gentle giants. Amongst male Ragamuffins, a remarkable achievement is the attainment of up to 20 pounds in weight, a stature that can rival some small dog breeds. This significant size differential is a defining characteristic of the breed, making them a conspicuous presence within any household.

Their robust and hearty build, coupled with a penchant for relaxation, creates a beguiling juxtaposition that further reinforces their unique appeal. These feline behemoths not only captivate with their sheer size but also endear with their gentle and easygoing disposition, making them an extraordinary addition to homes that have the space to accommodate their grandeur and the love to embrace their affectionate nature.

Activity Level: Energetic Playmates with a Need for Space

Ragamuffin cats are not the kind to contentedly lounge around all day. They are animated and enthusiastic playmates, brimming with energy and an insatiable desire for active play sessions that will not only entertain but also challenge their agile minds and athletic bodies. These playful creatures are the perfect companions for individuals fortunate enough to have the space and time to engage in spirited activities, creating a dynamic and vibrant connection.

Pet-Friendly: A Harmonious Blend with Other Furry Friends

For prospective cat owners, harmonious coexistence with other pets is often a paramount concern. In this context, the Ragamuffin cat emerges as a shining example of pet-friendly nature. They possess an innate ability to establish amicable relationships with other cats, dogs, and assorted household animals, contributing to a harmonious and loving environment within your home.

Kid-Friendly: Gentle Patience for Little Ones

Families with young children will find solace in the fact that Ragamuffin cats effortlessly earn high marks in the kid-friendly category. Their gentle and patient demeanor serves as a reassuring quality that makes them remarkably well-suited for households with energetic and curious little ones. Ragamuffins have an innate knack for tolerating the curiosity and playful antics of children, further cementing their reputation as a family-friendly breed.

Sociability: A Constant Desire for Human Connection

Ragamuffin cats are not content to be aloof or distant. Quite the opposite, their sociability rating transcends the ordinary, soaring to exceptional heights. These felines possess an insatiable and inexhaustible craving for human interaction, often seeking out their owners for companionship and bonding. Expect your Ragamuffin to be a constant presence in your life, always ready to offer their love and affection in a manner that embodies the essence of unwavering companionship.

Intelligence: Inquisitive Minds and Trainable Hearts

Ragamuffin cats are the epitome of intelligence. Their discerning and inquisitive natures set them apart in the feline world. With their sharp, inquiring minds, they consistently seek to explore and understand the world that surrounds them. This inquisitiveness is a boon for those who revel in the delights of training and interacting with their feline companions. Ragamuffins readily grasp new tricks and commands, making them highly trainable. The satisfaction of watching these astute cats effortlessly learn and adapt is a source of immense joy for any owner who values a pet with a curious disposition.

Playfulness: The Perfect Playtime Companions

Ragamuffins are endowed with a robust hunting instinct, which effortlessly transforms into an intrinsic playfulness that charms their owners. Ever ready for a game of chase or to pounce on a feathered toy, these delightful felines ensure that there is never a dull moment in your home. This playfulness isn’t merely a source of amusement for you; it also plays a vital role in keeping them physically and mentally engaged. The energy they channel into their playful antics contributes to their overall well-being and happiness.

Independence: Content in Solitude but Thriving with Company

While Ragamuffin cats undoubtedly relish social interaction, they also display an enviable degree of independence. These adaptable felines have the remarkable ability to spend extended hours on their own without succumbing to anxiety or distress. This adaptability is a quality that renders them a perfect fit for a wide range of lifestyles, catering to both busy professionals with limited time for constant attention and retirees seeking the comforting companionship of a feline friend. The balance they strike between sociability and self-sufficiency makes them truly versatile companions.

Vocality: Expressive Meows and Conversational Prowess

In the realm of vocalization, Ragamuffins are renowned for their expressive meows and exceptional conversational skills. If you yearn for a feline companion that refuses to remain silent about their thoughts and desires, then the Ragamuffin is your ideal choice. Engaging in dialogue with these charming creatures can become a daily delight. Expect to have endearing chats with your furry friend, as they express their needs and affections through a varied repertoire of meows, purrs, and trills. Their ability to communicate is not only expressive but also engaging, forming a unique bond between you and your loquacious companion.

Grooming: A Bit of Pampering Required

Despite their plethora of endearing qualities, Ragamuffin cats do require some pampering in the grooming department. With their plush, luxurious fur and magnificent coats, they demand regular brushing to keep their tresses in top-notch condition. Occasional baths may also be necessary to maintain their impeccable appearance. Yet, the extra grooming effort is a minuscule price to pay for the privilege of sharing your life with one of these magnificent felines. The tactile experience of running your fingers through their soft, velvety fur, and the sheer satisfaction of keeping them looking their best, is a labor of love any dedicated owner will cherish.

The Ragamuffin cat’s exquisite, long, and silky fur is not just a remarkable aesthetic feature; it’s also a responsibility for cat owners. Grooming these captivating felines is a comprehensive endeavor that requires attention to detail and dedication.

Grooming your Ragamuffin involves more than just brushing their coat. It’s a bonding experience that fortifies the connection between you and your feline friend. Regular brushing not only prevents matting and tangles but also removes loose fur, reducing the likelihood of hairballs. Furthermore, it stimulates blood flow and distributes natural oils, leaving their coat healthy and glossy.

In addition to brushing, maintaining their hygiene is crucial. Regular eye cleaning may be necessary, as Ragamuffins can be prone to tear staining. Periodic dental care is also vital to ensure their oral health remains impeccable.

Don’t forget their nails! Trimming their claws helps prevent them from becoming overgrown and potentially causing discomfort or injury. However, this should be done with care and attention to avoid cutting into the quick.

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Ragamuffin Care

When it comes to the meticulous care of Ragamuffin cats, a comprehensive understanding of their needs is essential. These feline companions, known for their plush and luxuriously soft fur, require a special level of attention and devotion. To ensure their well-being and contentment, it is vital to delve into various facets of Ragamuffin care.

Intricately woven into the fabric of Ragamuffin care is the provision of a nurturing environment. These cats thrive in homes that exude warmth and affection. Their gentle and affectionate nature demands not just physical sustenance but also emotional nurturing. Creating a harmonious and loving atmosphere is, thus, an essential aspect of Ragamuffin care. Such an environment will encourage these charming felines to be their affectionate and amiable selves.

An integral component of Ragamuffin care is understanding their dietary requirements. Their dietary preferences can be unique, necessitating a diet that supports their overall well-being. High-quality cat food rich in essential nutrients and proteins is pivotal in ensuring their health. Additionally, monitoring their food intake to prevent overeating and obesity is crucial, as Ragamuffins can have a penchant for indulgence.

Furthermore, Ragamuffin care extends to their grooming needs. These cats boast a long, silky coat that demands regular attention. Brushing their fur to prevent matting and tangles is not only an aesthetic concern but also contributes to their comfort and hygiene. A grooming routine should be established to keep their coat in pristine condition, while also serving as a bonding opportunity between the cat and its owner.

Ragamuffin Nutrition

Nutrition stands at the core of ensuring the well-being and vitality of Ragamuffin cats. These endearing felines have specific dietary requirements that merit a comprehensive understanding. Crafting a well-balanced and nourishing diet for Ragamuffins is essential to foster their health and longevity.

Ragamuffins are not just your average cats; they have a distinct palate and nutritional needs. A high-quality cat food, specifically formulated to meet their unique requirements, is paramount. Such food should be rich in essential nutrients like protein, vitamins, and minerals to support their active and vibrant lifestyle. Opting for cat food that lists meat as the primary ingredient is generally a wise choice.

It’s not just about what goes into their bowl but also about portion control. Ragamuffins are known to have a propensity for overeating, which can lead to obesity and associated health issues. Hence, monitoring their food intake and providing the right portion sizes is a crucial aspect of Ragamuffin nutrition. This keeps their weight in check and ensures their well-being.

Moreover, hydration is often an overlooked but vital part of their diet. Adequate water intake is necessary to maintain their health, as it aids in digestion and kidney function. To encourage hydration, consider having a clean and accessible water source for your Ragamuffin at all times.

Ragamuffin Exercise

Incorporating a well-balanced exercise regimen into the life of your Ragamuffin is an essential aspect of their overall care. These charming felines may have a penchant for lounging, but they also require physical activity to maintain their health and happiness.

Interactive playtime is a fantastic way to keep your Ragamuffin engaged and active. Toys that encourage pouncing, chasing, and climbing can stimulate their natural hunting instincts, providing both physical and mental exercise. Dangling toys, feather wands, and puzzle feeders can be excellent choices to keep them on their paws.

Indoor cat trees and scratching posts not only serve as an outlet for their need to scratch but also as a place for climbing and perching, providing exercise while satisfying their curiosity.

It’s worth noting that Ragamuffins are social cats, and they often enjoy the company of their human family members. Spending quality time with them, whether it’s engaging in interactive play or simply cuddling, can be a delightful way to meet their exercise and emotional needs simultaneously. A well-rounded approach to Ragamuffin exercise is sure to keep them content, healthy, and vibrant.

The Breed Standard: Unveiling the Regal RagaMuffin

The standard of excellence that defines the distinguished RagaMuffin breed is a tapestry woven from intricate details and distinct characteristics. This standard is a testament to the unique allure of these feline companions. Each feature and facet, from the mesmerizing eyes to the luxurious coat, contributes to the exceptional beauty and charm that is the RagaMuffin cat.

Eyes: Windows to the Soul

The eyes of a RagaMuffin are a captivating window into their gentle soul. These enchanting orbs should be generously proportioned, occupying a significant portion of the feline’s visage. With their walnut-shaped contours, they create an alluring focal point. A subtle slant is admissible, adding a touch of mystique to their gaze. The palette of eye colors in the RagaMuffin world knows no bounds, allowing for a mesmerizing diversity that includes even the captivating odd-eyed wonder. However, certain coat colors come with specific eye color requirements: Mink-coated RagaMuffins must bear aqua eyes, while their sepia-clad counterparts don a resplendent spectrum ranging from yellow-gold to green.

Legs & Paws: Stalwart and Pudgy

RagaMuffins stand on legs adorned with robust boning, exuding strength and poise. These limbs are of moderate length, granting an elegant posture with hind legs subtly outstretching the forelegs. The paws of this feline beauty are endearing, being not just large but adorably round. In a whimsical twist, tufts of fur adorn the spaces between their toes, adding to their charm and making them appear as if they are ever-ready to dance into your heart.

Tail: A Plumed Elegance

The RagaMuffin cat’s tail is a graceful appendage, complementing the overall balance of the creature. It boasts proportionate length, mirroring the cat’s elegant proportions. This tail is no ordinary one; it possesses a full plume that adds an air of regal elegance. The tapering, gentle from base to end, is a testament to the breed’s refined symmetry.

Body: A Balanced Masterpiece

A RagaMuffin’s body is a harmonious blend of form and substance. The breed maintains a somewhat rectangular silhouette, characterized by a robust chest and broad, commanding shoulders. A charming hallmark of the RagaMuffin is the presence of a delightful fatty pad in the lower abdomen, which serves as a testament to their joyful disposition. While these cats are fully fleshed, they are well-balanced and never verge into obesity, upholding the breed’s endearing appeal.

Head: The Epitome of Sweetness

The head of the RagaMuffin is a portrait of sweet sophistication. It takes the form of a broad modified wedge, distinguished by gently rounded edges and an absence of flat planes. The muzzle exudes a short, rounded appearance, while the whisker pads are adorably puffed, creating an almost perpetual, endearing smile. Cheeks, full and inviting, add to the overall charm. A scooped nose break in profile provides a subtle grace, and in males, the presence of prominent jowls underscores the breed’s imposing allure.

Ears: Elegance in Proportions

Ears, the vigilant sentinels atop the RagaMuffin’s head, embody elegance in moderation. They are medium-sized and strategically positioned, not only on the top but also to the sides of the head, contributing to the breed’s distinctive visage. Their tips, pleasingly rounded, exhibit a symmetry that is pleasing to the eye. To add to the visual delight, they are adorned with delicate furnishings, enhancing the RagaMuffin’s overall charm.

Coat: A Luxurious Mantle of Softness

The coat of a RagaMuffin is a luxurious mantle of softness that demands to be touched. It is medium to medium-long in length, offering a splendid canvas for the breed’s enchanting allure. The texture is nothing short of silky, dense, and inviting, inviting one to indulge in the pleasure of caressing it.

Color: A Kaleidoscope of Possibilities

In the world of RagaMuffins, all colors and patterns are equally celebrated. These feline wonders defy convention and embrace the full spectrum of possibilities. Even Pointed RagaMuffins and their Pointed with White counterparts, while registered with the CFA, may not have their moments in the spotlight at cat shows. This breed celebrates individuality, welcoming diverse nose leather and paw pad colors as unique traits that contribute to the glorious mosaic of RagaMuffin beauty.

Shedding Light on Ragamuffin Cat Fur

One of the most common concerns for potential Ragamuffin cat owners is shedding. Given their luxurious, long-haired coats, it’s natural to wonder about the amount of fur they might leave behind. While it’s true that Ragamuffin cats do shed, it’s essential to understand that they don’t shed to the same extent as some other cat breeds. Their shedding is typically moderate and manageable, provided you maintain a regular grooming routine. Brushing your Ragamuffin’s coat will not only keep your home relatively fur-free but will also strengthen the bond between you and your cat as you both enjoy this essential grooming ritual.


The Ragamuffin cat, although devoid of any extraordinary dietary demands, thrives on a nourishing regimen that leans heavily toward high protein and skimps on carbohydrates, a formula that serves as a bulwark against obesity. When selecting cat food, prioritize premium brands featuring real meat or fish as the principal ingredients, as this complements their nutritional requirements admirably.

One distinctive feature of Ragamuffins is their dense, fine undercoat, which is notably prone to tangling and matting. To maintain their pristine appearance, these felines warrant consistent grooming efforts. Regular brushing of their lustrous fur is a must. Attending to their oral hygiene by brushing their teeth prolongs their overall well-being, while trimming their nails ought not to be overlooked in the grooming regimen.

Although Ragamuffins generally exhibit a remarkable tolerance for handling, it is imperative to approach grooming with the utmost gentleness and patience to instill in them a sense of comfort and trust.

Ragamuffin cats delight in interactive play with their human companions, relishing the moments of connection in activities like a spirited game of laser chase. As they mature, you may find it necessary to gently coax them into play, perhaps with a feathered wand or by playfully tossing a cherished toy.

For the more adventurous among their owners, teaching a Ragamuffin to walk on a leash can be a rewarding endeavor. These cats, endowed with intelligence, are amenable to such training, and once acclimated, they relish the chance to safely explore the great outdoors under your watchful gaze.

Although typically robust, Ragamuffins, like many pedigreed breeds, may be prone to hereditary afflictions, with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy warranting vigilance. Obesity, a common pitfall for larger, affable cats, can be curbed through stimulating playtime and a nourishing, high-protein diet that preserves lean muscle mass. Cat accessories on Amazon

The Cost of a Ragamuffin Cat

The Ragamuffin cat, known for its endearing charm and striking appearance, comes at a price that reflects its unique qualities. If you’re considering bringing one of these feline companions into your life, it’s important to be aware of the financial commitment involved. A Ragamuffin cat typically falls within the price range of $1,200 to $2,000. This price point may fluctuate based on various factors, such as the cat’s lineage, age, and the breeder’s reputation. It’s worth noting that this initial investment is just the beginning, as you will also need to consider ongoing expenses such as food, grooming, and healthcare for your beloved Ragamuffin.

Size Matters: The Magnificent Stature of Ragamuffin Cats

One of the distinguishing features of Ragamuffin cats is their impressive size. These majestic felines tend to grow to be larger than the average domestic cat. When fully matured, a Ragamuffin cat can tip the scales at a weight range of 10 to 15 pounds, or sometimes even more. Furthermore, in terms of height, they stand tall, with measurements typically falling in the range of 9 to 11 inches. The combination of their substantial weight and impressive height contributes to the Ragamuffin’s regal presence and commanding presence within the household. Their size is a testament to their strength and the love they have to offer.

Lifelong Companions: The Ragamuffin Cat’s Remarkable Lifespan

Ragamuffin cats, aside from their remarkable appearance and generous personalities, also tend to enjoy a longer-than-average lifespan. On average, these delightful companions are known to live for an impressive 13 to 16 years. This longevity allows them to be cherished members of your family for many years, forming deep bonds and creating lasting memories. Their extended life expectancy is a testament to their robust health and the excellent care they receive when they find themselves in loving homes.

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