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Singapura Cat Breed Profile: Facts, Coat, Traits, Groom, Care

What is a Singapura cat breed and what about its profile, behavior, traits, health, training, personality, grooming, care, and other interesting facts? Singapura, a captivating and diminutive feline breed, hails from the sunny shores of Singapore. This charming breed boasts a temperament that is a harmonious blend of enchanting characteristics. To comprehend this breed comprehensively, it is imperative to explore various facets that contribute to the essence of the Singapura cat. This amazing breed is a captivating and multifaceted breed with a charming personality, making it an ideal choice for households seeking a sociable, intelligent, and affectionate feline companion who can adapt to various living situations while infusing life with an abundance of joy and love.

Singapura Cat Profile

The Singapura cat, often referred to as the “Little Lion,” is a small and endearing breed renowned for its diminutive size and charming appearance. Originating in Singapore, this breed captivates hearts with its strikingly large, almond-shaped eyes, which exude an almost perpetual sense of wide-eyed wonder. Their sleek, ticked coat shimmers with a warm sepia-toned coat adorned with contrasting darker spots, akin to a wild feline’s elegant markings. Weighing in at just about five to eight pounds, these pint-sized companions are a testament to the fact that big things indeed come in small packages.

Historical Origins of Singapura Cats

The lineage of Singapura cats is an astonishing tale that traces its roots to shelter pets and even includes a feline known as a “Drain cat” in Singapore. The narrative unfolds as follows: Two devoted cat enthusiasts, Hal and Tommy Meadow, embarked on a journey that led them to uncover six foundational cats, with some hailing from the bustling streets of Singapore, where they were recognized as the humble “Drain cats.” These initial specimens of the Singapura breed exhibited petite statures and sported brown ticked tabby coats, a common trait prevalent in Southeast Asian feline populations.

Feline geneticists have postulated that the Singapura shares ancestral ties with Siamese, Abyssinian, and Burmese cat breeds. This isn’t merely conjecture; a groundbreaking DNA study conducted in 2008 revealed scant disparities between Singapura and Burmese cats.

In the annals of cat recognition, the International Cat Association (TICA) extended a welcoming hand to the Singapura breed, granting them official registration in the year 1979. Subsequently, the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) bestowed official recognition upon these charming cats in 1982 and elevated their status to championship level in 1988.

The Singapura cat’s enduring story has traversed borders, and today, they bask in global acclaim. In their native Singapore, these cats have been elevated to the status of national treasures, affectionately known as “Kucinta,” which translates to “Love Cat” or “The one I love,” encapsulating the profound adoration they elicit from all who have the privilege of their companionship.

The Enchanting Singapura Cat: A Delightful Companion

The Singapura cat is a dream come true for those who have ever yearned for a feline friend in a diminutive package. These endearing creatures maintain their dainty size even into adulthood, tipping the scales at a mere four to eight pounds on average. Their size is not the only beguiling aspect; they possess a gentle demeanor with voices as delicate as their frames, accentuating their aura of perpetual kittenhood. With their oversized ears and wide, expressive eyes, the Singapura cat effortlessly bewitches anyone who gazes upon them.

A Deceptive Fragility: Strength Beneath Elegance

At first glance, the Singapura may exude an air of fragility, yet concealed beneath that soft, silky coat lies a robust musculature that bestows this cat with remarkable athletic prowess. When it comes to their appearance, Singapura cats boast an exotic allure. Their visage is adorned with enchanting cheetah-like lines that grace their faces, and their coats exhibit a unique ticked pattern, resembling the soft, sepia tones of an artist’s palette. A lighter, cream-colored fur elegantly contrasts along their belly, chest, muzzle, and chin, adding to their captivating aesthetics.

Charming Personalities: Intelligence and Affection

The allure of Singapura cats extends beyond their physical beauty to encompass their captivating personalities. These feline companions, while not inherently mischievous, are profoundly curious, playful, and remarkably intelligent. They display an innate capacity to learn tricks, and their sociable nature ensures harmonious cohabitation with other pets, including both feline and well-behaved canine companions. Notably, Singapura cats are renowned for their remarkable ability to form connections with newcomers at an accelerated pace, exceeding the norm for the average feline.

A Heartwarming Bond: The Joy of Companionship

Beyond their physical attributes and charming personalities, Singapura cats are devoted snugglers. After a restful nap, they eagerly trail their favorite human around the house, occasionally offering advice in their melodious, diminutive voices. Much like other people-oriented cats, Singapuras shun solitude, preferring the warmth of companionship, whether it be human or furry. This preference serves a dual purpose, staving off boredom and thwarting destructive behaviors that can sometimes arise from a lack of stimulation. With an abundance of attention and a lavish dose of love, the Singapura becomes an enchanting, lifelong companion, a treasure to cherish.

Temperament: A Portrait of Personality

The Singapura cat, often referred to as the “Drain Cat,” “Kucinta,” or “Love Cat,” is renowned for its captivating personality. These feline wonders exhibit an intriguing blend of traits that make them stand out in the world of domestic cats. They are personable, exhibiting a strong penchant for human interaction. This affability extends to their curiosity, as they are unceasingly inquisitive about their surroundings. A notable trait is their attentiveness, where they keenly observe their environment, ever-ready to explore. Their intelligence shines through in their ability to adapt and learn, making them quick learners.

Other Names: Cultural Richness

Singapura cats bear a cultural richness in their nomenclature. Known by multiple names, such as the “Drain Cat,” this peculiar moniker is derived from the feline’s origin in Singapore. The term “Drain Cat” underscores their history of inhabiting drainage systems in their native land. “Kucinta” and “Love Cat” highlight their affectionate and loving nature, offering a glimpse into their character.


Proper care for Singapura cats revolves around their unique characteristics and sensitivities. These cats have a highly curious and playful nature, requiring not only physical but also mental stimulation. They crave attention and interaction, often forming deep bonds with their human counterparts. Hence, a loving and attentive environment is essential. Moreover, their small size renders them more susceptible to cold temperatures; it’s advisable to keep them warm during winter months. Routine veterinary check-ups are vital to monitor their health, and vaccinations should be kept up-to-date.


When it comes to nutrition, Singapura cats have relatively modest appetites, despite their active natures. A well-balanced diet that accounts for their diminutive size and high energy levels is crucial. High-quality cat food, ideally with a significant portion of protein, will aid in maintaining their health and vitality. Avoid overfeeding, as their small frame can quickly gain excess weight, leading to potential health issues. Adequate hydration is also essential, ensuring fresh water is readily available.


Singapura cats are relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming, thanks to their short and fine coats. Their sleek fur rarely tangles, but a gentle brushing now and then helps remove loose hair and keeps their coat healthy. A soft-bristle brush or grooming mitt can do wonders in keeping their coat glossy and radiant. Moreover, their large, expressive eyes may need occasional cleaning to prevent tear staining, adding to their overall allure.

In the realm of grooming, Singapura cats are relatively low-maintenance. While they do require some brushing and bathing, it is far from being a laborious task, making them a convenient choice for those who prefer a cat that’s easy to care for.


Despite their petite stature, Singapura cats are highly active and agile. They require ample opportunities for exercise and play. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and climbing structures can keep them engaged and mentally stimulated. Regular playtime and bonding with their human companions are essential to satisfy their need for social interaction and physical activity. These spirited felines can even be taught tricks and commands, making them all the more entertaining and fulfilling companions.

Life Expectancy: A Decade of Companionship

The Singapura cat, a delightful and diminutive feline, graces our lives with its presence for a considerable period, offering a remarkable 12 to 13 years of cherished companionship. This decade-long sojourn allows these charismatic creatures to intricately weave their unique personalities and endearing traits into the very fabric of a family’s existence. During this span, they metamorphose from mere pets into cherished confidants and treasured family members. Their extended stay on this earthly plane ensures that they become stalwart companions, offering comfort and joy through the passage of time.

Affection Level: A Desire for Connection

Singapura cats are renowned for their boundless affection, not merely in terms of their readiness to give it, but also their insatiable need to receive it in return. They possess an innate yearning for human attention and interaction, and this manifests in their willingness to engage in extensive petting sessions and heartwarming snuggles. They are, without a doubt, the ideal choice for individuals or families seeking a furry friend that thrives on companionship, for they embody the very essence of devotion and emotional reciprocity. Their hearts beat in sync with those who share their lives, creating a profound bond that defies mere pet-owner dynamics.

Activity Level: Playful and Energetic

In the realm of activity, Singapura cats reign supreme with their remarkable exuberance. Their high energy levels propel them into a world of perpetual play and exploration. These agile beings are constantly on the move, their lithe bodies and inquisitive minds fueling their thirst for adventure. Their playfulness knows no bounds, and they demand an environment that caters to their vivacious spirit. This demand for space and attention, while at times challenging, ultimately renders them an engaging and dynamic addition to any household, where their antics and playful escapades keep the atmosphere perpetually lively.

Intelligence: Curious and Easy to Train

Singapura cats exhibit remarkable intelligence, a quality that shines through their insatiable curiosity and their innate capacity to absorb knowledge like a sponge. Their inquisitive nature is a defining trait, rendering them exceptionally receptive to training and activities that stimulate their razor-sharp minds. These little feline wonders eagerly embrace mental challenges, which not only keeps their cognitive faculties sharp but also provides an opportunity for bonding with their human companions. Whether it’s solving puzzles, learning tricks, or simply exploring their environment, Singapura cats are keen participants in intellectual endeavors, demonstrating a profound understanding of cause and effect. Their penchant for exploration and learning sets them apart in the feline kingdom, making them endearing companions for those who appreciate clever and adaptable feline friends.

Playfulness: Feline Hunters at Heart

Beneath their diminutive size and delicate appearance lies a powerful reservoir of playfulness, tightly woven into the fabric of their existence. Singapura cats are, at their core, feline hunters with an unshakable drive to engage in playful antics that mimic their predatory instincts. This deep-seated hunting heritage infuses boundless energy into their playtime, transforming them into exceptional playmates for anyone lucky enough to share their life. From feathered toys that flutter like elusive prey to laser pointers that send them on mesmerizing chases, these spirited creatures revel in interactive games that cater to their inborn desire to stalk, chase, and pounce. A Singapura cat in play mode is a mesmerizing spectacle, showcasing not only their physical prowess but also their sharp intellect as they strategize and execute their mock hunting missions. The playfulness of these cats is, without a doubt, a testament to their enduring connection to their wild ancestors.

Independence: Self-Sufficient and Adaptable

Singapura cats are inherently self-reliant, characterized by an ability to thrive independently for extended periods. Their remarkable independence enables them to endure solitude for hours without displaying signs of restlessness or discontent. This trait is a godsend for individuals with bustling lifestyles or demanding work commitments, as these cats can gracefully entertain themselves and take care of their basic needs without constant human supervision. They are masters of self-sufficiency, ensuring that their food, water, and hygiene needs are met with little fuss, allowing their human companions to maintain their own routines without constant cat care. This unique blend of independence and adaptability makes the Singapura an excellent choice for those who appreciate a low-maintenance feline companion that can seamlessly integrate into their busy lives.

Vocality: Expressive Meowers

The Singapura cat’s communication style is a symphony of expressive meows and vocalizations, serving as a charming and effective means of interaction with their human counterparts. These diminutive cats possess an extraordinary talent for producing a diverse array of melodious meows, each one seemingly crafted to convey a different emotion or desire. They use their vocal prowess not only to seek attention but also to express their contentment, frustration, or curiosity. The pitch, tone, and intensity of their meows can be a captivating form of feline language, allowing their human companions to decode their moods and respond accordingly. In essence, the Singapura’s vocal repertoire is like a constantly evolving conversation, strengthening the bond between these expressive felines and the people lucky enough to share their lives. It’s a delightful auditory experience, one that adds a layer of intrigue and connection to the already endearing qualities of the Singapura cat.

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Pet-Friendly: Amiable and Sociable

Singapura cats wear the badge of pet-friendliness with honor. These amiable creatures tend to establish harmonious relationships not only with their fellow feline counterparts but also with dogs and a variety of other pets. Their sociable nature transcends species boundaries, making them the diplomatic emissaries of the animal kingdom. They effortlessly integrate themselves into multi-pet households, serving as the glue that binds together a diverse array of animal personalities. Their remarkable adaptability and sociability bridge the gaps between species, creating a sense of unity within the household that is nothing short of heartwarming.

The Breed Standard

The Singapura cat, a remarkable feline breed, adheres to a stringent set of criteria known as the breed standard. This standard serves as a blueprint for assessing the physical attributes and characteristics that distinguish Singapura cats from other breeds. Singapura’s breed standard encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of various aspects, including the eyes, legs and paws, tail, body, head, ears, coat, and color.

About the Singapura Cat

The Singapura cat is a captivating breed known for its unique and captivating features. Among these characteristics, the eyes of the Singapura cat stand out as a defining attribute. These feline gems boast large, almond-shaped eyes that possess a subtle slant, adding an air of elegance to their appearance. What’s particularly fascinating is that these eyes are positioned at a minimum of one eye width apart, emphasizing the Singapura’s striking gaze. Furthermore, the breed standard stipulates that the ideal eye colors for this enchanting cat encompass a range of yellow, green, and hazel shades. These hues are not only preferred but mandated for exhibition, with no allowance for any other eye color.


Intriguingly, the Singapura cat’s eyes are a veritable window to its soul, revealing a captivating interplay of light and color. The eyes, with their distinct almond shape, imbue the cat with a beguiling allure. They are set apart from each other by at least one eye width, creating an alluring symmetry in the feline’s visage. The breed standard places a premium on the captivating hues of these eyes, favoring shades of yellow, green, and hazel that lend a mesmerizing quality to the Singapura’s countenance. These eyes, like jewels, glisten with depth and character, drawing admirers into the captivating world of the Singapura cat.

Legs & Paws

Beneath the Singapura cat’s graceful exterior lies a foundation of robust and well-muscled legs. These legs exude strength and agility, allowing the cat to move with a lithe grace that complements its overall appearance. A distinctive feature of these legs is the taper at the ankles, accentuating the feline’s sleek profile. The feet, meanwhile, are petite ovals, adding an element of daintiness to the cat’s sturdy physique. This combination of strength and elegance in the legs and paws is a testament to the Singapura’s unique beauty.


The Singapura’s tail is a slender marvel, a graceful extension of its compact form. The tail culminates in a blunt tip, which further emphasizes the feline’s distinctive silhouette. When the tail is gently laid along the cat’s torso, it should extend nearly to the shoulder, contributing to the cat’s sense of balance and poise. This finely proportioned tail is an essential component of the Singapura’s striking appearance.


The body of the Singapura cat is a study in compact strength. It falls within the small to medium size range, underscoring its diminutive yet muscular stature. The cat’s physique exudes a stocky robustness, while it typically tips the scales at an average of 4 to 8 pounds. This unique combination of size and muscularity is a defining trait of the Singapura breed, endowing it with a distinctive charm that captures the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide.


The head of the Singapura cat is a harmonious blend of features that contribute to its captivating allure. It is gently rounded, creating a soft, inviting countenance. A pronounced whisker break, a medium-short broad muzzle, a firm chin, and a blunt nose come together to define the cat’s facial structure. These elements, when combined, imbue the Singapura with an endearing expression that makes it a truly captivating feline specimen.


The ears of the Singapura cat are a striking aspect of its overall appearance. They are generously sized, boasting wide bases and slight points at the tips. The deep cups of these ears not only enhance the feline’s auditory acuity but also contribute to its distinctive visage. These ears, with their unique shape and proportions, further set the Singapura apart as a breed of singular beauty.


The Singapura cat’s coat is a testament to elegance in simplicity. It possesses a fine texture that imparts a silky feel to the touch. The individual hairs are remarkably short, hugging the cat’s body closely and creating a sleek and polished appearance. This minimalist approach to fur exudes a refined aesthetic that is characteristic of the Singapura breed.


Color is a defining element of the Singapura cat’s identity. All Singapura cats are characterized by their sepia agouti coloring, a shade that sets them apart from other feline breeds. Ticked hairs contribute to the signature soft brown tone that graces their coat, adding a touch of warmth to their appearance. Their nose leather is a distinctive ruddy salmon color, creating a captivating contrast with the soft brown coat. Meanwhile, their paw pads present a rosy brown hue, completing the harmonious color palette that defines the Singapura’s unique beauty.

Kid-Friendly: Gentle and Patient

For families graced with the presence of children, the Singapura cat shines as a gentle and infinitely patient companion. Their well-documented propensity for tolerance and understanding makes them the perfect addition to households teeming with youngsters. They provide a harmonious environment where little ones can interact with these amiable felines without the burden of discomfort or fear. In the Singapura cat, children find a loyal friend who listens to their stories, tolerates their playful antics, and stands as a steadfast guardian of their innocence. This gentle nature renders them not just pets but also valuable educators in the school of empathy and compassion.

Sociability: A Desire for Human Company

Singapura cats are, at their core, creatures yearning for human interaction. Their sociability trait is not a mere quirk but an integral part of their essence. They crave the presence of their human companions throughout the day and night. This insatiable need to be close, to bask in the warmth of human company, and to engage in the rhythm of human lives fosters a deep and unbreakable bond. It creates a sense of constant connection that transcends mere pet-owner relationships. In the presence of a Singapura cat, one is never alone; they are a perennial source of love, solace, and companionship, ready to share in the joys and sorrows of life’s journey.

Charismatic Singapura: A Loving Feline Marvel

The Singapura cat, a diminutive and endearing feline breed, is affectionately referred to as the “Little Lions of Love.” This endearing nickname is a testament to the remarkable affectionate disposition these cats display. Hailing from the vibrant and bustling city-state of Singapore, the Singapura cat is celebrated for not only its compact size but also its remarkable charm and affectionate demeanor.

With a lineage rooted in the “Lion City” of Singapore, the Singapura’s moniker pays homage to the city’s rich heritage. These delightful creatures exhibit a level of affection and companionship that is truly heartwarming. Their name, derived from the Malay word for “Singapore,” is not just a reference to their origin, but also a testament to the deep connection they share with their human companions.

A Record-Breaking Pint-Sized Marvel

Among the vast array of domestic cat breeds, the Singapura cat has etched its name in the annals of feline history. In fact, this remarkable breed boasts a truly exceptional distinction – it has secured its place within the revered pages of the Guinness Book of World Records. What has earned the Singapura cat this prestigious recognition is its unique and noteworthy characteristic – its petite size.

The Singapura cat holds the illustrious title of being the smallest breed of domestic cat in the world. This pint-sized marvel captures the hearts of those who encounter it with its petite stature, which is both captivating and charming. Their small size is a testament to the singularity of the Singapura breed, making them stand out in a world of diverse and fascinating feline companions.

The Charming Mascot of Singapore

In the year 1990, the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board embarked on a unique and enchanting journey by adopting the Singapura cat as the national travel mascot. This decision was not merely a symbolic gesture but a profound recognition of Singapura’s significance in representing the essence of Singapore to the world.

The Singapura cat, with its captivating appeal and unwavering affection, embodies the spirit of the Lion City. By designating the Singapura as its national travel mascot, Singapore has not only celebrated this remarkable breed but also sought to share the warmth and charm that these cats exude with travelers from all corners of the globe. This extraordinary decision reflects the deep cultural connection between the people of Singapore and these loving feline companions, making them more than just pets, but cherished symbols of the nation’s welcoming spirit.

Health of Singapura Cats

Singapura cats, despite their charmingly diminutive size, demand meticulous care to ensure their continued well-being. These feline companions, like many other breeds, do not possess any extraordinary dietary requirements. However, it is imperative to be mindful of the potential for obesity as they age. When considering their sustenance, it is highly advisable to opt for a premium commercial brand renowned for its high protein content and minimal carbohydrate levels. Ideally, the chosen cat food should prominently feature genuine meat or fish as the primary ingredient.

A notable advantage bestowed by the Singapura’s short coat is its minimal grooming needs. While not obligatory, a gentle brush once or twice a week proves beneficial in eliminating loose fur and diminishing the irksome concern of shedding. Regular brushing not only keeps their coat pristine but also significantly curtails the formation of troublesome hairballs.

Caring for their physical health should also encompass the consideration of their toenails. Given their spirited and active nature, it is prudent to keep their toenails suitably trimmed. Furthermore, dental hygiene should not be overlooked, as it plays a pivotal role in staving off periodontal disease.

Singapura cats, despite their small stature, are endowed with remarkable athleticism. They exhibit an astonishing ability to execute long jumps and impressive leaps. In light of their fervent proclivity for playfulness, it is imperative to create an environment that fuels their vitality. This can be achieved by furnishing a towering cat tree, at least one scratching post, and an array of stimulating toys. The astute intelligence of the Singapura cat necessitates the incorporation of items that engage their cognitive faculties, such as intricate puzzle toys.

Their playful and kittenish disposition endures well into adulthood, requiring minimal enticement for them to indulge in leisurely hours spent with their cherished toys and any small objects they may chance upon within the household.

Singapura cats, for the most part, are the paragons of good health. Nevertheless, it is essential to remain cognizant of the possibility that some individuals may inherit pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD), a hereditary malady arising from an enzyme deficiency. PKD can culminate in hemolytic anemia, though with scrupulous care, cats afflicted with this condition can lead comfortable lives, underscoring the resilience and adaptability of this endearing feline breed.


How much does a Singapura cat cost?

Acquiring a Singapura cat is an investment in feline beauty and charm. The cost of a Singapura cat typically falls within the range of $1500 to $2000, reflecting their status as a prized and sought-after breed.

Do Singapura cats shed?

Singapura cats are a delight for those who prefer a lower-maintenance grooming routine. As short-haired felines, they do not shed as profusely as their long-haired counterparts, making them an excellent choice for individuals who appreciate a clean and tidy living environment. Cat accessories on Amazon

How big do Singapura cats get?

Singapura cats are known for their petite and elegant size. Fully grown, these captivating felines typically weigh between 4 to 9 pounds or more, and they stand at a height ranging from approximately 7 to 8 inches tall. Their compact stature adds to their overall charm.

How long do Singapura cats live?

The Singapura cat enjoys a relatively long lifespan, providing companionship for an average of 12 to 13 years. This extended duration of feline friendship ensures that they become beloved members of their owners’ households.

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