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What is an American Bobtail cat breed, its profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, diet, grooming, care, and other interesting facts? Delving into the intricate persona of an American Bobtail reveals a tapestry woven with whisker whims and paws of personality. Each cat, a unique masterpiece, showcases quirks and idiosyncrasies that add depth to their charm. Some may possess an almost regal demeanor, while others might be mischievous imps, batting at imaginary prey with a twinkle in their eye. Whiskers, those delicate filaments of feline mystique, seem attuned to the invisible currents of curiosity that guide these creatures through the labyrinth of their surroundings.

Their paws, more than mere appendages, are instruments of expression—whether engaged in an elaborate stretch or a playful swat, they convey the multifaceted nature of these enchanting companions. This article will share insight into the profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, grooming, care, diet, and other interesting facts about the American Bobtail cat breed. Keep reading.


The American Bobtail cat, a relatively recent addition to the feline pantheon, traces its origins back to the innovative endeavors of breeders in the 1960s. The breed’s genesis involved the pairing of a feral brown tabby male with a naturally truncated tail and a seal point domestic female.

Diverging from the convention of using pedigreed cats as foundational stock, the American Bobtail’s uniqueness lies in its development through the intriguing process of natural selection. The initial stock predominantly comprised feral domestic cats boasting distinctive bobtails, and although their common heritage was an enigma, their shared physical traits shaped the breed’s identity.

Collaborative efforts among breeders scattered across the United States played a pivotal role in crystallizing the distinct features of the American Bobtail. Remarkably, despite the absence of a shared lineage among the foundation cats, a harmonious type emerged, giving rise to a resilient, vivacious breed devoid of discernible genetic defects.

A crucial genetic divergence between the American Bobtail and its Japanese counterpart lies in the tail gene’s dominance. The American Bobtail boasts a dominant gene for its signature shortened tail, setting it apart from the Japanese Bobtail, which possesses a recessive gene for its abbreviated tail.

Formally acknowledged by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 1989, the American Bobtail garnered further recognition by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) for championship competitions. The Cat Aficionado Association of China has also sanctioned this breed, while the World Cat Federation recognizes it, albeit without acceptance for competitive events. The trajectory of the American Bobtail’s acceptance into the feline world showcases its journey from an innovative breeding experiment to a globally recognized and celebrated breed.

Maturation Marvels: American Bobtail’s Slow Dance to Adulthood

American Bobtail cats, unlike their feline counterparts, embark on a leisurely journey towards maturity, akin to a captivating symphony that crescendos over time. These enigmatic creatures, with their distinctive bobbed tails, don’t unfurl the tapestry of their full stature until the clock of life ticks between the second and third year. This languorous maturation process, a testament to the deliberate pace of nature, paints a portrait of patience and evolution, as these majestic cats gradually unfold into the embodiment of their regal potential.

The Shimmering Fascination: American Bobtail’s Gleaming Obsession

In the realm of peculiarities, American Bobtail cats carve a niche with their enchanting quirk—an unabashed love affair with all things shiny. A whimsical penchant for sparkling allure propels these feline connoisseurs into the realm of thievery, a delightful caper of clandestine antics. Owners, unsuspecting custodians of their dazzling treasures, often find themselves uncovering secret stashes harboring an eclectic assortment of glittering loot, revealing the mischievous charm that permeates the world of American Bobtails.

The Wild Elegance: American Bobtail’s Domestic Symphony

Contrary to their untamed appearance, American Bobtail cats gracefully waltz into the domain of domesticity, proving to be not just companions but veritable family members. The dichotomy between their sizable, wild exterior and the gentle embrace of domesticity adds a layer of mystique to their character. With an inherent love for children and an unabashed affection for snuggling, these regal creatures seamlessly embody the paradoxical duality of being both untamed and tender. In the tapestry of feline companionship, some enthusiasts christen them the “Golden Retrievers of the cat world,” a testament to their affable nature and familial devotion.

Temperament: A Feline Tapestry of Personality

In the enchanting realm of American Bobtail cat breeds, their temperament unfurls like a rich tapestry woven with strands of liveliness, intelligence, personability, and an insatiable curiosity. Each feline of this distinguished lineage carries a vibrant personality that dances with vitality and charm. Picture a cat that is not just a pet but a lively companion, engaging with the world around it in a manner that mirrors the inquisitive nature intrinsic to these captivating creatures. Their intelligence sparkles in their eyes, making them more than just four-legged companions—they are animated confidantes, ready to explore the world alongside their human counterparts.

Personality: A Symphony of Domestication and Wilderness

The American Bobtail cat, a captivating embodiment of duality, beckons attention not only for its striking physical appearance but also for the harmonious symphony of its personality. Unraveling the layers of this remarkable breed reveals a paradoxical fusion of wild ancestry and domesticated charm. Despite its lineage tracing back to feral forebears, the American Bobtail has seamlessly embraced a domesticated lifestyle.

The tapestry of its personality is woven with threads of amiability, resembling the loyalty of a canine companion. Conversational virtuosos, these felines are celebrated for their articulate communication skills, cultivating a lexicon rich in meows, chirps, and purrs. Their intelligence is a beacon, illuminating the path to companionship with a creature capable of forming profound bonds with its human kin. Moreover, this captivating breed extends its affable nature to other furry friends, establishing camaraderie that transcends species boundaries.

Energy Unleashed: The Vibrancy of American Bobtails

In the kinetic realm of feline dynamics, American Bobtails emerge as vibrant protagonists, effervescent with energy and an insatiable zest for life. These cats, akin to acrobats in a perpetual circus, redefine the boundaries of feline activity. Dynamic in every sense, American Bobtails display an affinity for vertical escapades—jumping, climbing, and frolicking in an exuberant display of agility.

This breed embodies an enthusiastic spirit that transcends the conventional boundaries of feline behavior, embracing activities that mirror the dynamism of their untamed ancestors. An American Bobtail’s domain is a playground of interactive pursuits, where the joys of fetch and leash-bound strolls are shared with the entire family. Their proclivity for active engagement is a testament to their trainable nature, where the boundaries between owner and feline companion blur in the pursuit of shared amusement.

Escape Artistry: Mastering the Confinement Conundrum

Navigating the labyrinth of confinement with an American Bobtail demands a nuanced understanding of their escape artistry, a skill honed with finesse by these cunning felines. Locked within their genetic code is an uncanny ability to liberate themselves from even the most secure confines, transforming closed carriers into mere stepping stones for their escapades.

The guardians of these enigmatic beings find themselves in a strategic chess match, ensuring that every carrier latch is a fortress against the feline Houdini within. Transporting an American Bobtail is not merely a logistical task; it’s a strategic undertaking that demands a synthesis of foresight and precaution. In the realm of these escape virtuosos, the carrier becomes a battleground, and victory lies in securing each latch with a meticulousness that rivals the craft of a safe cracker.

Other Names: The Golden Retriever of Feline Royalty

These extraordinary felines, donned in the mantle of American Bobtails, are often affectionately hailed as the “Golden Retrievers of the cat world.” This moniker is more than a mere title; it encapsulates the essence of their sociable and amiable nature. In the feline kingdom, where regal dispositions often prevail, American Bobtails stand out as the genial monarchs, exuding an affability reminiscent of the beloved Golden Retrievers. The choice of this epithet reflects not just their physical attributes but also the warm, golden glow of their affections and the loyalty woven into the very fabric of their being.

Affection Level: A Spectrum of Feline Embrace

Within the fascinating realm of American Bobtail cat breeds, a captivating spectrum of affection levels unveils itself. These delightful felines, with their distinctive tails and charming demeanor, exhibit a wide range of preferences when it comes to human interaction. At one end of this spectrum, we encounter breeds brimming with an insatiable desire for affection – eager to shower their human companions with warmth and soliciting an equal measure in return.

These affectionate beings thrive on the intimacy of petting sessions and snuggles, forming an inseparable bond with those who reciprocate their love. Conversely, at the other end, we encounter breeds less enamored by cuddles and caresses. Their affections are more tempered, requiring a nuanced understanding of their independent nature. To navigate this intricate tapestry of feline emotions, prospective cat owners must delve into the nuances of each breed, unraveling the layers of their unique affectionate tendencies.

Kid-Friendly American Bobtail Cat Breeds

When considering the captivating world of American Bobtail cat breeds, the dimension of their compatibility with children becomes a crucial facet to explore. In this realm, some breeds shine with a resplendent aura of gentleness and patience, forming an ideal companionship with the youthful exuberance of children. These feline wonders, adorned with higher ratings in this particular domain, seamlessly integrate into the chaotic joy of family life, radiating an inherent affinity towards the vibrant energies of little ones.

On the contrary, those breeds adorned with lower ratings might emanate a sense of unease in the presence of boisterous children, subtly signaling their preference for a more tranquil environment. Thus, the spectrum of kid-friendliness among American Bobtail cat breeds unveils a fascinating tapestry of temperaments, each contributing to the nuanced dynamics of feline-human interactions.

Sociable Charms of American Bobtail Cat Breeds

Delving into the enigmatic realm of sociability, the American Bobtail cat breeds unfurl their unique charms, drawing a kaleidoscopic map of relational nuances. Here, the sociability rating becomes the compass guiding us through the labyrinth of feline camaraderie. The breeds that proudly flaunt higher sociability ratings become akin to enthusiastic social butterflies, yearning to revel in the company of their human counterparts throughout the day.

These sociable marvels orchestrate a symphony of affection and companionship, weaving an inseparable bond with those fortunate enough to share their space. On the flip side, the less-sociable brethren of the American Bobtail family carve a niche for themselves as independent spirits, seldom seeking out the warmth of human interaction. Their aloof demeanor becomes a testament to their self-sufficiency, creating a unique tapestry of companionship that unfolds on their own terms.

Playfulness: A Symphony of Feline Frolic

Delving into the realm of American Bobtail cat breeds, the first note that resonates with charm and vivacity is their playfulness. Picture this: a feline companion with an inherent zest for play, an embodiment of agility and curiosity that turns mundane moments into delightful escapades. These breeds, draped in a cloak of boundless energy, are renowned for their robust hunting instincts. It’s not just about chasing a feathered toy; it’s an intricate dance of skill and instinct, a manifestation of their primal prowess.

These agile creatures transform playtime into a thrilling spectacle, engaging in acrobatic leaps and cunning pounces. The twinkle in their eyes reflects the joy they derive from these moments of feline frolic. Whether it’s a bouncing ball or a dangling string, their enthusiasm knows no bounds. Owners of these breeds find themselves caught in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek, their homes echoing with the patter of nimble paws. The playfulness of American Bobtail cat breeds is not merely a trait; it’s a symphony that adds a melodic touch to the tapestry of feline companionship.

Independence: The Enigmatic Solitude of American Bobtails

Moving on to the next movement in the orchestration of American Bobtail cat breeds, we encounter the enigmatic quality of independence. These felines, like lone wanderers in a vast landscape, possess a remarkable ability to navigate the solitude of hours spent alone. They become the epitome of self-sufficiency, embracing their own company with an almost philosophical grace.

Unlike their counterparts, the less independent breeds, these American Bobtails revel in moments of contemplative seclusion. A room becomes their kingdom, and solitude becomes their silent confidante. The independence they exude is not a mere absence of neediness; it’s a declaration of self-reliance, a trait that aligns them with the spirit of the untamed.

Yet, this independence does not translate to aloofness. Rather, it manifests as a graceful coexistence, where the cat and its human counterpart understand and respect each other’s need for personal space. It’s a delicate dance between companionship and solitude, and these American Bobtail breeds execute it with an elegance that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to share their space.

Cost of American Bobtail Kittens

Securing a furry companion often comes with financial consideration, and American Bobtail kittens are no exception. For those seeking a pet-quality American Bobtail kitten, the price tag typically falls within the range of $1,200 to $1,500. This cost encapsulates various factors, including the cat’s lineage, health, and the breeder’s reputation. It’s a monetary investment that reflects the unique qualities and characteristics of this distinct feline breed.

Size Matters: The Dimensions of American Bobtail Cats

When contemplating the addition of an American Bobtail cat to your household, understanding their size is crucial. Classified as medium-sized felines, these captivating creatures exhibit gender-based variations in weight. Adult males generally tip the scales between 12 and 16 pounds, showcasing a robust and muscular build. In contrast, their female counterparts are somewhat more petite, averaging a weight range of 7 to 11 pounds. What adds to the allure of American Bobtails is their gradual maturation, a process spanning two to three years before reaching their full, majestic size.

Lifespan and Companionship

Welcoming an American Bobtail into your life entails a commitment that extends beyond the immediate. These feline companions boast a commendable lifespan, with an average of 11 to 15+ years. This longevity underscores the potential for a lasting and meaningful bond between pet and owner. As a responsible pet guardian, acknowledging and embracing the longevity of your American Bobtail is integral to providing the care, attention, and love that they deserve throughout their lives.

Profile, behavior, traits, lifespan, health, training, personality, grooming, care, diet, facts about the American Bobtail cat breed

The Art of Shedding: Understanding the American Bobtail Coat

The coat of an American Bobtail cat serves as both a tactile and aesthetic facet of their charm. Varied in length—ranging from short to medium-long—their fur contributes to their distinctive appearance. Shedding, an inevitable aspect of cat ownership, is a consideration for prospective American Bobtail enthusiasts. The coat undergoes moderate shedding consistently throughout the year, with seasonal fluctuations in spring and fall resulting in temporary bouts of heavier hair loss. To mitigate the impact on your living space, a judicious approach involves regular weekly brushing, a practice particularly essential during the peak shedding seasons, ensuring a harmonious coexistence between cat and human.

American Bobtail Cat Standard


In the realm of feline aesthetics, the American Bobtail cat’s eyes emerge as a distinctive feature, captivating observers with their nearly almond-shaped allure. These ocular orbs, carefully crafted by nature, maintain a harmonious proportion to the feline’s head, rendering a visual symphony of symmetry. Delving into the ocular architecture, one encounters a deep socket that cradles these mesmerizing eyes, spaced with a medium-wide allure, and an aperture uniquely angled towards the base of the cat’s ear. The color palette of these feline windows into the soul mirrors the coat’s hues, establishing a visual continuity that elevates the breed’s aesthetic appeal.

Legs & Paws:

Behold the limbs of the American Bobtail cat, a testament to the wild spirit coursing through its veins. Drawing inspiration from its distant bobcat kin, this feline exhibits a graceful dichotomy in limb proportions. The hind legs, elongated like a prowling predator, gracefully balance the slightly shorter front legs, creating a silhouette that exudes agility and power. The paws, a canvas of wild elegance, boast a notable largeness and a rounded contour that defines the essence of this unique breed. The interdigital spaces often harbor tufts of fur, a subtle nod to the untamed legacy encapsulated within these captivating creatures.


The pièce de résistance of the American Bobtail cat is undoubtedly its tail—a visual symphony of brevity and nuance. This appendage, perpetually short, dances to a rhythm that echoes the wild. Its length, a mere fraction when juxtaposed with its feline counterparts, hovers between one-third to half the norm. Never does it dare extend below the hock, maintaining a poised rebellion against conventional feline norms. While a straight tail is the norm, allowances for curves, bumps, and slightly knotted deviations add a flourish of unpredictability to this feline masterpiece.


The canvas of the American Bobtail cat unfolds into a portrait of strength and resilience. Its body, a study in proportions, marries length with stockiness, creating a visual harmony that demands attention. The chest, a robust expanse, and the substantial hips together craft a silhouette that is nothing short of regal. The profile of this feline, marked by a rectangular grace, is a living testament to the breed’s commitment to defying the mundane and embracing the extraordinary.


At the helm of this feline marvel sits a head that defies convention—a broad wedge that stands as a monument to proportional perfection. Devoid of flat plains, the head adopts a concave curve, a graceful arc extending from the noble nose to the distinguished brow. The muzzle, broad and commanding, converges into prominent whisker pads, accentuating the facial charisma. Jaws, a bastion of strength, complete the visage, leaving an indelible mark of authority and elegance.


The auditory sentinels of the American Bobtail cat emerge as a marvel of moderation and finesse. Nestled upon the crown, these medium-sized ears boast wide bases and rounded tips, a harmonious blend of form and function. As the feline navigates its surroundings, these ears, poised with a watchful grace, contribute to the sensory symphony that defines the American Bobtail’s relationship with its environment.


In the realm of fur, the American Bobtail cat presents a canvas open to diverse interpretations. A tapestry of possibilities unfolds as these felines may cloak themselves in either dense shorthair coats or the flowing elegance of medium long-haired strands. Each strand, a testament to the genetic tapestry embedded within the breed, contributes to the tactile allure of the American Bobtail, inviting admirers to explore the varied textures that define this captivating creature.


The palette of the American Bobtail cat’s coat is a kaleidoscope of possibilities, an open invitation for artistic expression within the realm of feline genetics. While the breed graciously accepts all colors and patterns, a subtle nuance prevails. The feline aristocracy bestows its favor upon those individuals whose coat colors and patterns evoke an impression of untamed wilderness, a nod to the wild origins that course through the veins of this enigmatic breed.

Vocality: A Melodious Mosaic of Meows

Now, let’s explore the vibrant tapestry of vocality within the realm of American Bobtail cat breeds. Picture a spectrum of feline communication, ranging from the soft murmur of contentment to the resounding meows that demand attention. Here, vocality becomes a nuanced expression, a melodic mosaic that varies from one breed to another.

A higher rating in this area unveils a breed that wears its emotions on its sleeve, or rather, in its vocal cords. These expressive felines engage in a symphony of meows, purrs, and trills, creating an immersive auditory experience for their human companions. Their meows may convey excitement, hunger, or a desire for affection, forming a distinctive language that forges a unique bond between cat and owner.

Conversely, breeds with a more subdued vocality exhibit a quiet elegance, opting for gestures and subtle cues over vocal proclamations. In their world, silence becomes a powerful means of communication, a language of subtle nuances that only the astute observer can decipher.

Intellectual Prowess of American Bobtail Cat Breeds

In the intricate mosaic of American Bobtail cat breeds, the facet of intelligence emerges as a captivating thread, weaving through the fabric of their personalities. Intelligence ratings serve as a prism through which we can peer into the cognitive landscapes of these feline wonders. Those adorned with higher intelligence ratings manifest an insatiable curiosity, transforming every nook and cranny of their environment into a playground for exploration.

These inquisitive minds not only captivate with their zest for discovery but also stand as a testament to their trainability, effortlessly mastering the art of tricks and commands. Conversely, the less-intelligent counterparts, while perhaps lacking the fervor for intellectual pursuits, exude an undeniable charm with their laid-back and easygoing demeanor. Their intelligence may not be marked by a penchant for learning tricks, but it finds expression in a tranquil and adaptable approach to life, creating a harmonious rhythm in the symphony of their existence.

Activity Level: Dynamic Play and the Quest for Space

As we traverse the terrain of American Bobtail cat breeds, an intriguing facet that demands exploration is their diverse activity levels. These charismatic felines, blessed with a distinctive bobbed tail, engage in a dynamic dance of play and movement. At the forefront of this exploration lies the consideration of activity levels, a pivotal factor influencing the harmony within the feline-human relationship. High-energy breeds emerge as the life of the party, reveling in spirited play sessions that demand both space and attention.

These vivacious beings, with an insatiable zest for life, become the perfect companions for those seeking an interactive and lively presence in their homes. On the flip side, there exist breeds with a more subdued approach to physical activity, navigating life with a graceful elegance. Delving into the intricacies of each breed’s activity preferences becomes paramount, ensuring a seamless integration of their dynamic play into the daily tapestry of their owners’ lives.

Pet-Friendly Harmony: Bridging the Inter-Species Gulf

Within the mosaic of American Bobtail cat breeds, a crucial aspect that beckons consideration is their compatibility with other pets. The ability of a feline companion to coexist harmoniously with fellow cats, dogs, and various other creatures becomes a cornerstone in the selection process. This facet, encapsulated by the term “pet-friendly,” encapsulates the social dynamics these felines weave within the intricate fabric of multi-pet households. Some breeds effortlessly navigate the delicate dance of interspecies camaraderie, fostering bonds with both their feline and canine counterparts.

These sociable beings thrive in environments where diverse animal companionships flourish, embodying the epitome of harmonious cohabitation. Conversely, some breeds, with a more reserved disposition, may prefer a solitary existence or form exclusive bonds with their feline or canine kin. Unraveling the nuances of each breed’s pet-friendly demeanor unveils a tapestry of social dynamics, paving the way for a well-balanced and blissful menagerie of cohabiting companions.

Life Expectancy: The Passage of Time Measured in Purr-fect Years

As mortal beings traversing the tapestry of existence, American Bobtails accompany their human companions through the epochs of 12 to 15 years, leaving an indelible mark on the chapters of shared experiences. The ticking clock measures not only the passage of time but also the harmonious companionship between these feline marvels and their human counterparts.

In the span of a dozen years to a decade and a half, these regal cats become steadfast companions, witnessing the ebbs and flows of life with a serenity that only time can bestow. The notion of life expectancy, in the context of these enchanting creatures, is a poignant reminder of the ephemeral beauty encapsulated in each purr, each playful gesture, and each shared moment in the dance of life.

Grooming: A Primping Affair

Embarking on the delightful journey of feline companionship with an American Bobtail requires an understanding of their diverse grooming needs. Within the feline realm, grooming scores act as heralds of commitment; a higher score signals an ardent devotion to maintaining your cat’s pristine appearance. For those who choose the regal path of high grooming scores, be prepared for a routine involving meticulous brushing and indulgent bathing sessions.

The coat demands your attention, a luxurious tapestry that necessitates pampering to retain its glossy allure. On the contrasting end of this spectrum lie the lower-scored brethren, the laissez-faire aristocrats of the cat world, demanding a fraction of the primping protocol. The maintenance-free allure of these low-scored breeds offers a sanctuary for those who seek the companionship of feline royalty without the regal grooming demands.


American Bobtail cats, characterized by their robust physique and engaging personalities, do not demand any specialized dietary regimens. However, it is paramount to provide them with a nutritionally balanced, meat-centric diet that aligns with their obligate carnivore nature. The emphasis should be on measured meal servings rather than free-feeding to avert the risk of overindulgence, thereby preventing obesity. Cat accessories on Amazon

These feline wonders exhibit a spectrum of coat lengths—short and medium to long. Both variants, surprisingly easy to maintain, necessitate regular brushing sessions not only for aesthetic appeal but also to cater to their love for tactile attention. Given their adept climbing skills, maintaining trimmed nails is essential for the well-being of your American Bobtail companion.

Inherently active and playful, American Bobtails epitomize curiosity, engaging wholeheartedly in games and scaling new heights with fervor. If your dream feline companion entails one that relishes human interaction and the whimsical idea of walking a cat on a leash, the American Bobtail stands as the epitome of such companionship.

Spoil your American Bobtail with enriching accouterments—a high-quality climbing tower, a coveted window perch, a plethora of scratching posts, and a treasure trove of toys, preferably those with captivating shiny surfaces that are bound to become your feline friend’s favorites.

Notoriously resilient, American Bobtail cats are endowed with robust health, devoid of any known predispositions to health maladies. Their vitality and vigor add an extra layer of appeal to this already captivating breed.

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