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Minuet Cat Breed: Profile, Traits, Personality, Grooming, Care

The Minuet cat breed, also known as Napoleon, owes its existence to the vision of breeder Joe Smith in the 1990s. This enchanting feline was conceived through the union of a Persian and a Munchkin cat, resulting in a captivating fusion of Munchkin’s short legs and the Persian’s exquisite beauty.

The credit for crafting the Napoleon cat goes to Joseph Smith, initially renowned for his work with Basset Hounds. Smith embarked on this endeavor with the conviction that the Munchkin breed lacked the distinctiveness to set it apart from its long-legged counterparts. In the mid-1990s, Smith, thus, embarked on the journey to create a novel breed. The Munchkin and Persian breeds, chosen for their exotic aesthetics and robust bone structures, became the building blocks of this endeavor.

Initially christened Napoleon cats, this breed’s name playfully alluded to their diminutive stature. Ironically, Napoleon Bonaparte, the historical figure, would likely have scoffed at the association, not merely due to the jest about his height but also due to his personal disdain for cats. Cat accessories on Amazon

Vital Statistics

Weight: 2 – 4 kg

Lifespan: 10 – 15 years

Aliases: Napoleon Cat, sometimes mistaken for the Munchkin Cat

Optimal Matches for:

  • Households with children
  • Households with other pets
  • Owners with time to play with their cats


The Minuet Cat, a breed in its infancy, was meticulously crafted in 1996. The visionary behind this breed, Joe Smith, harbored aspirations of creating a short-legged marvel by crossing Persians with Munchkin Cats. Yet, the intricacies of genetics presented unforeseen challenges, with the elusive short-leg gene remaining recessive in cats, diminishing the likelihood of an entire Minuet litter sporting short legs.

Undeterred, Smith pressed forward, determined to bestow his cats with distinctive features. The outcome was a beguiling feline, adorned with wide, expressive eyes and an endearing button-like nose, subtly more pronounced than that of the Persian.

Within a single Minuet litter, one may find both standard short-legged and non-standard long-legged variants, forming a harmonious blend of attributes.

Aspirations and Genetics

The inception of the Minuet cat, a relatively recent breed, traces back to 1996 when its founder, Joe Smith, embarked on a journey to create a short-legged breed by crossing Persians with Munchkin cats. However, the intricate web of genetics presented a challenge, as the short-leg gene is recessive in cats, offering only a slight chance of every Minuet kitten inheriting short legs.

In a twist of fate, a Munchkin cat was acquired by Smith in 1996, and to his astonishment, this feline possessed Persian lineage. The following year, the offspring of an Exotic and a Munchkin showcased the desired qualities Joe had envisioned. The International Cat Association (TICA) acknowledged this breed, changing its name from Napoleon to Minuet in 2015. See why thousands of cats love BoxCat.

Vivid Color Palette

The Napoleon cat boasts a captivating array of colors, ranging from the alluring lilac and chocolate to the striking tabby, bi-color, vibrant orange, and classic black, among others.

Accommodating Companionship

The Napoleon cat, fondly referred to as the Minuet cat wraps itself in a coat of plush and opulent fur. This breed offers two variations in fur length, featuring both the luxurious longhair and the sleek shorthair. Remarkably, you might encounter a Napoleon cat endowed with long legs, a delightful exception to its typical short-legged counterparts.

An Affectionate Nature

This breed thrives on the affection of its human companion, eagerly welcoming cuddles and petting. However, the Napoleon cat exhibits an understanding of nature, respecting the need for solitude when human requires it.

The Distinctive Minuet

The moniker “Napoleon” was bestowed upon this breed due to its distinctive short stature. However, it’s worth noting that despite the breed’s overarching short-legged charm, some kittens may be born with long legs.

Personality and Trainability

It’s remarkable how Smith succeeded in harmonizing the Minuet’s personality with its appearance. The Minuet embodies sweetness, affection, and a laid-back demeanor. Their extroverted and sociable nature beckons for abundant affection and attention. Upon your return home, rest assured, your faithful Minuet will be there, poised to accompany you every step of the way.

The Minuet’s penchant for attention translates into trainability. Commence their training during their formative years, showering them with love throughout the process. Remarkably confident and at ease, these cats can even be trained to venture outdoors on a leash. Despite their short stature, do not underestimate their readiness for play and exercise, matching the vigor of their long-legged counterparts.

Much like other gregarious felines, the Minuet may not thrive when left alone for prolonged periods. If your absence extends beyond several hours, a prudent choice is to secure the services of a Cat Sitter.

Temperament & Intelligence of the Napoleon

Napoleon cats exhibit a sweet and mild-mannered disposition. Their inclination towards cuddling is accompanied by a lack of demanding behavior. These felines are content with alone time, though they often choose to accompany their human companions, displaying a sociable and inquisitive nature. While they are not particularly vocal like Siamese cats, Napoleons thrive in the company of humans and other pets. For extended periods of absence from home, consider engaging a pet sitter to ensure your Napoleon’s well-being.

Are These Cats Good for Families?

Napoleon cats excel as family pets, forging affectionate bonds with children and their human caregivers. They actively engage in household activities and may shadow their owners throughout the day. Vigilance is advised, especially in the presence of children, as a momentary lapse in supervision can disrupt the harmony.

Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets?

Napoleon cats extend their amiable nature to other pets when introduced appropriately. Their easygoing demeanor facilitates seamless integration with other animals. Napoleons typically adapt well to new companions, even in adulthood. However, caution is advised when pairing them with small pets, such as rodents.

Energy Levels

Diverse energy levels in cats span from high to low, influencing their need for mental and physical stimulation. It is crucial to select a cat whose energy aligns with your lifestyle.


The ease of training varies among cats, with some quick to grasp prompts and actions, while others exhibit a more stubborn disposition, demanding patience and practice. Training Napoleon cats proves surprisingly straightforward. Litter box training presents a little challenge, and these felines readily embrace commands such as sit, stay, and treat retrieval. Leash training, although feasible, demands patience, as cats require time to adapt to novel environments and behaviors. Nevertheless, once acclimated, Napoleon displays enthusiasm for outdoor strolls.

Lifespan and Diversity

The lifespan of cats can fluctuate due to factors such as size, genetics, exercise, nutrition, and hygiene. The exact lifespan of a Minuet remains somewhat elusive due to the breed’s relative novelty and potential variations rooted in ancestral lineage. In general, you can anticipate around ten years of companionship, especially when adopting a kitten.

A Coat of Beauty

Whether your Minuet sports a long or short coat, grooming remains a consistent aspect of their care routine. Longhaired Minuets may require more extended or frequent brushing sessions to prevent tangles and mats, yet all Minuets share a mutual fondness for being groomed.


The social behavior of cats can vary significantly, influencing their interaction with humans and other animals. Exposure to diverse situations through socialization remains essential.

A Coat of Luxury

The Minuet cat graces us with a luxurious coat that can manifest in both long and short variations. Longhaired Minuets feature straight, soft coats accompanied by a thick undercoat, imparting a voluminous appearance. Conversely, their shorthaired counterparts flaunt dense, plush fur without the presence of an undercoat.

Food & Diet Requirements

Napoleons thrive on a diet rich in protein, which can be sourced from standard cat food, whether dry or wet. Homemade diets may be explored, with adherence to feline nutrition guidelines to prevent nutrient deficiencies and health issues. Tailoring your cat’s diet to their age, weight, and energy expenditure remains paramount. Senior cat care may necessitate supplements or dietary adjustments once the feline reaches seven years of age. Housecats typically require approximately 1/4 cup of dry food, served twice daily. Consultation with a veterinarian for nutritional guidance is recommended for owners seeking clarity.


Despite their docile disposition, Napoleons possess moderate to high energy levels, mandating regular exercise. While their short legs limit their jumping prowess, they ardently partake in play sessions and typical cat antics. The provision of cat trees, tunnels, toys, and shelves within the home caters to their exercise needs, with a potential reprieve for long-legged Napoleon cats.

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Routine brushing emerges as a grooming necessity for Napoleon cats, with longhaired individuals requiring more frequent attention to prevent matting. Their silky fur aids in reducing mat formation. For short-haired Napoleons, a bi-weekly brushing routine suffices. Regular ear cleaning is vital, accomplished with white vinegar and a cotton ball. Caution is advised against using Q-tips. Dental hygiene warrants consistent attention, as enzymatic toothpaste aids in preventing tartar buildup. Finger toothbrushes or baby toothbrushes facilitate toothpaste application.

Unconventional Elegance

Diverging from other breeds that sport a distinct appearance, Minuet cats encompass a vast spectrum of colors and patterns, extending beyond traditional Persian hues. Expect to encounter shaded, mink, pointed, sepia, chocolate, lilac, bi-color, or cinnamon Minuets, occasionally adorned with green eyes and lustrous white coats.

Elegance in Short Stature

Deliberately bred to exhibit short legs, Minuet cats typically stand at a modest 7 to 8 inches in height and tip the scales at 5 to 9 pounds.

Napoleon Kittens: Price and Considerations

The cost of a Napoleon kitten hinges upon factors like lineage, coat color, and adherence to breed standards. Additionally, breeder experience plays a role in price fluctuations. It’s noteworthy that the long-legged variant typically carries a lower price tag, owing to its lessened demand. Standard inclusions with kittens usually encompass vaccinations, microchipping, spaying or neutering, and registration, yet these offerings may vary among breeders.

Potential adopters must also account for travel expenses in their budgeting. Always exercise caution when selecting a breeder, ensuring the adoption of a healthy and well-socialized feline. Some breeders may require a deposit, and anticipate a waiting period that can extend up to two years. Exploring adoption shelters may be considered, although Napoleon cats are seldom found in such establishments.

Affection and Vigor Combined

The Minuet’s charm extends far beyond its appearance; it boasts a warm and affectionate disposition. These cats thrive on human company, displaying an affinity for cuddles and social interaction. Inheriting the gentleness of Persians and the curious energy of Munchkins, Minuets embodies the best of both worlds.

Playful Companions

Fueled by energy and a love for play, Minuet cats revel in frolicsome activities. To nurture their playful spirit, create an environment enriched with love and a plethora of toys. In return, they’ll shower you with delightful moments of companionship.

Adaptable and Friendly

These gentle beings seamlessly integrate into families, readily embracing the company of children and other pets. They epitomize the concept of a harmonious family pet.

Health Concerns

Certain breeds carry a predisposition to specific genetic health concerns. While not every cat will experience these issues, awareness of their potential presence is essential for providing appropriate care.

Concerns about your Minuet’s health may naturally arise, considering the breed’s Persian lineage, known for susceptibility to various health issues, from nasal blockages due to short noses to Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Fortunately, Minuets embark on a healthier journey than their predecessors. Their broader nasal structure ensures unhindered breathing, and PKD can be forestalled through responsible breeding.

You might wonder about the well-being of those distinctive short legs. Are there undue strains on the spine or joints? The good news is that Minuets stand robust on all fronts.

However, prudent measures are essential to safeguard your short-legged companions from potential falls. Minuets, with their bold disposition, are inclined to explore heights, often attempting to ascend shelves and ledges.

Minuets exhibit a variety of coat types, influencing their grooming requirements. Short-haired Minuets find contentment in a weekly brushing session. Conversely, their long-haired counterparts, reminiscent of the Persian’s lush coat, necessitate a tad more care, calling for several brushing sessions each week. See why thousands of cats love BoxCat.

Minuets don’t have unique dietary demands peculiar to their breed. Consult with your veterinarian for tailored feeding guidance based on your pet’s specific needs, age, and activity level.

Though Minuet cats share Persian ancestry, they tend to be healthier than their predecessors, with no breed-specific diseases on the horizon. However, owners should exercise vigilance to safeguard their feline companions from potential accidents and hazards.

Guardians of Health

Regular veterinary check-ups, prescription medications when needed, and vaccinations are paramount. Vaccinations encompass core immunizations, such as those against cat distemper, herpes simplex in cats, calicivirus, and rabies. Non-core vaccinations, such as feline leukemia, can be considered based on your veterinarian’s recommendations.

The Importance of Play and Interaction

To keep your Minuet active and mentally engaged, provide an array of toys, as they thrive on both physical and mental stimulation. Interactive play sessions and conversations with their human companions are cherished, contributing significantly to their well-being.

Nurturing Natural Instincts

Ensure access to a scratching post or a suitable place for claw maintenance, allowing them to satisfy their innate need to scratch.

Protecting Against Pests

Flea infestations pose a risk to all cats, and preventative measures should be implemented year-round. Additionally, annual heartworm checks and preventive medication, as advised by your vet, are essential.

Adaptation and Shedding

Minuet cats generally exhibit social compatibility with dogs, other cats, and children. However, monitor their social interactions and adaptability, as each animal is unique. It’s important to note that Minuets are not hypoallergenic and may shed, particularly during seasonal transitions.

Breeding Considerations

Breeding Minuets involves intricate genetic calculations, unlike some short-legged cat breeds where the short-legged trait is dominant. In Minuets, when two short-legged cats are crossed, there remains a 50% chance that individual kittens may be born with long legs. This trait cannot be passed down to subsequent generations.

Male vs. Female

Gender-based distinctions in Napoleon cats are minimal, primarily involving size disparities. Individual personality traits overshadow sex-related differences, contributing to the uniqueness of each feline.

Three Intriguing Napoleon Cat Insights

Impaired Leaping: Napoleon cats, due to their shorter legs, exhibit limited jumping capabilities. Nevertheless, their agility and speed in traversing their environment remain unhampered.

Meerkat-Like Stance: A charming characteristic of Napoleon cats is their propensity to sit upright on their haunches, reminiscent of meerkats. This endearing posture adds to their unique appeal.

Napoleon’s Legacy: The breed’s nomenclature pays homage to Napoleon Bonaparte, the famed French military and political leader renowned for his diminutive stature.

Persian vs. Munchkin Breed

The parent breeds of the Napoleon, exemplified by the Himalayan and Munchkin cats, respectively, contribute to its distinctive attributes. Cat accessories on Amazon

Final Thoughts

Napoleon, or Minuet, cats emerge as an extraordinary and visually striking feline breed, accompanied by a unique set of medical considerations. These inherent conditions do not detract from the breed’s playful disposition and their enduring affection for their human companions.

As a relatively new breed, the Napoleon cat remains a subject of exploration, revealing its identity as a loving, caring, and playful domestic cat—equally capable of captivating the hearts of cat enthusiasts, despite its short legs.

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