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What is a Somali cat breed and what about its profile, behavior, traits, health, personality grooming, care, and other interesting facts? The Somali cat, known for its captivating beauty and charming personality, possesses a temperament that sets it apart from many other feline breeds. This captivating feline is truly a bundle of energy and curiosity, making it a beloved choice among cat enthusiasts. Their outgoing nature draws them towards human interaction and their inquisitiveness keeps them perpetually exploring their surroundings. With their lively disposition, Somalis are always ready for play and adventure, making them ideal companions for active households. Moreover, their strong family orientation makes them highly affectionate and attached to their human families, endearing them even more to those who share their lives with these enchanting creatures.

The Somali cat, a striking feline breed, is renowned for its captivating appearance and distinctive characteristics. Its brilliant coat, with its warm and fiery hues, reminiscent of a fox’s fur, sets it apart from other cat breeds. The captivating allure of the Somali’s coat is enhanced by its large, expressive ears and a luxuriant, fluffy tail, both of which contribute to its moniker as the “Fox Cat.” These enchanting physical traits make the Somali cat a true gem among feline enthusiasts, captivating hearts with its exotic charm.

The Fascinating History of the Somali Cat Breed

The captivating story of the Somali cat breed unfolds its origins in the 1940s, an era preceding the official recognition bestowed by breed registries. It was during this period that a remarkable figure in the world of feline aficionados emerged, none other than Jante Robinson, an Abyssinian cat breeder hailing from Britain. Robinson embarked on a feline odyssey, exporting kittens across the vast expanse of New Zealand, North America, and Australia. Yet, within this extraordinary lineage, a peculiar occurrence came to light—a sporadic emergence of long-haired Abyssinian kittens.

The journey into the annals of feline history brings us to a momentous encounter with Raby Chuffa of Selene, a long-haired Abyssinian cat that graced the feline stages of the United States. It was in the year 1963 when destiny converged with the aspirations of a Canadian breeder by the name of Mary Mailing. With conviction and anticipation, Mailing presented a long-haired Abyssinian (or “Aby” as they are affectionately known) at her local pet exhibition.

The adjudicator of this fateful show was none other than Ken McGill, whose discerning eye was immediately captivated by the entrancing feline before him. So enthralled was he that he beseeched Mailing for the privilege of using one of her cats for breeding purposes, thus marking the inception of a captivating chapter in the world of feline genetics.

Intriguingly, this newfound fascination with long-haired Abyssinian cats met with a curious paradox. While some breeders viewed them with disdain and endeavored to restrict their proliferation, another faction of feline enthusiasts held them in high esteem. These proponents, deeply enamored by the unique blend of aesthetics and personalities exhibited by long-haired Abyssinians, embarked on a different trajectory—one of cultivation and promotion.

The birth of the Somali breed, as we know it today, owes a debt of gratitude to an American breeder by the name of Evelyn Mague. It was Mague who ingeniously bestowed the moniker “Somali” upon this burgeoning variety. A tapestry of genetic contributions ensued as cats from Ken McGill and another Canadian breeder, Don Richings, entered into the lineage, fostering a surge in international attention and curiosity.

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) took a momentous step forward in 1975 by establishing the international Somali Cat Club. Four years later, in 1979, the Somali cat breed was officially anointed with recognition by the esteemed CFA. However, it was not an overnight journey to global acknowledgment; it took more than a decade for the Somali cat breed to traverse the realms of obscurity and attain the coveted status of widespread international recognition.

Somali Cat Personality and Temperament

If you find yourself at a crossroads, torn between the allure of an Abyssinian and the charm of a long-haired feline companion, the Somali cat emerges as a delightful fusion of both worlds. Distinguished by their exquisitely soft ticked coats, captivating facial markings, and an endearing personality reminiscent of their Abyssinian cousins, Somali cats are truly a breed apart. Cat accessories on Amazon

Often referred to as long-haired Abyssinians, these feline darlings are a testament to the joys of companionship. Naturally inclined to be fond of their human counterparts, Somali cats may initially exhibit a touch of aloofness in the presence of strangers, yet they swiftly forge new bonds and friendships with ease.

Welcoming a Somali cat into your family entails embracing a world of merriment and amusement. These inquisitive and vigilant felines possess a mischievous streak that adds a dash of intrigue to your daily life. Their watchful eyes are always keen to observe human activities, eagerly awaiting the opportune moment to participate.

Should you decide to open a cupboard, rest assured that your Somali companion will be there in an instant, their curiosity piqued as they delve inside to explore the hidden treasures within. Drawers housing clothing items are not safe from their investigative prowess either; Somali cats ingeniously find their way to lend a helping paw. Turn on a faucet, and you may witness the Somali cat delicately dipping a paw into the flowing water, displaying an uncanny fascination with the liquid element. Over time, these feline virtuosos may even acquire the dexterity to independently open drawers, doors, and cupboards, and in an act of pure feline whimsy, they might take it upon themselves to turn on taps, granting them the privilege of engaging in aquatic adventures without requiring human assistance.

When the time for repose finally arrives, the Somali cat seamlessly transitions from an exuberant explorer to a warm and affectionate companion. Nestling comfortably in the nearest available lap, they may engage in the gentle kneading of paws, accompanied by affectionate head butts that serve as tokens of their boundless love. On frosty winter evenings, these feline cuddle connoisseurs offer an additional layer of warmth and comfort, allowing their families to fully appreciate the silky-soft, cuddlesome magnificence of their coats.

Other Names: Longhaired Abyssinian

The Somali cat is often affectionately referred to as the “Longhaired Abyssinian.” This alternate name highlights its close relation to the Abyssinian breed, known for its sleek and short coat. The Somali, on the other hand, boasts a luxurious, semi-long coat that adds an extra layer of elegance to its appearance. This name encapsulates the breed’s connection to its Abyssinian ancestors while emphasizing its distinct, striking feature—the flowing, silky fur that demands admiration.

Life Expectancy: 11-12 years

When considering the addition of a Somali cat to your family, it’s essential to be aware of their typical life expectancy, which falls within the range of 11 to 12 years. This longevity provides ample time for Somalis to become cherished members of your household and develop deep bonds with their human companions. Their relatively extended lifespan is a testament to their robust health and vitality, further cementing their status as delightful long-term pets.

In the quest to understand and appreciate the Somali cat, one must also consider their expected lifespan. These delightful felines, when well-cared-for and nurtured, typically grace our lives for a span of 11 to 12 years. This longevity offers ample time for Somali cat owners to forge a deep and lasting bond with their beloved pets. It is important to note that individual health, genetics, and lifestyle factors can play a significant role in determining the precise lifespan of any given Somali cat.

Affection Level: Expressing Love Through Attention

Somali cats are renowned for their high affection levels, which manifest as a strong desire to both give and receive attention from their human family members. These felines are not content with mere coexistence; they actively seek out petting, snuggles, and interaction. If you’re in search of a cat that will shower you with affection and demand your attention, the Somali is an ideal choice. Their eagerness to form deep emotional connections with their owners is a hallmark of their loving nature.

Playfulness: Enthusiastic Hunters – Feline Frolic at its Finest

When it comes to the delightful realm of playfulness, Somali cats effortlessly ascend the ranks, earning themselves a top-notch score. Their inherent enthusiasm for the art of play is a defining characteristic. These feline wonders possess a reservoir of untamed hunting instincts that make them extraordinary playtime companions.

Equipped with an insatiable curiosity, Somali cats are like little adventurers within your home. Their agile bodies and sharp minds revel in the exploration of interactive toys and engaging activities, ensuring that they remain captivated and entertained for hours on end. Whether it’s a feathered teaser or a laser pointer, these play aficionados will pounce, leap, and chase with relentless zeal. Each interaction with these furry whirlwinds becomes a thrilling escapade for both you and your feline friend.

The joy of having a Somali cat as a playmate extends beyond mere amusement. Their playful disposition offers not only a hefty dose of entertainment but also crucial mental and physical stimulation. This is not just a game; it’s a means of channeling their boundless energy, keeping them engaged, and ensuring their overall well-being. So, if you’re seeking a companion that can transform the ordinary into a delightful spectacle, look no further than the spirited Somali cat.

Managing Shedding in Somali Cats

One inevitable aspect of sharing your life with a Somali cat is dealing with their fur. Given their long-haired coats, it’s only natural that they will shed to some extent. However, it’s worth noting that Somali cats are not among the most prolific shedders in the feline world. Their shedding tendencies are relatively moderate compared to some other cat breeds with denser or thicker fur. To mitigate the impact of shedding, regular grooming and maintenance are key. Brushing your Somali cat’s luxurious coat can help reduce the amount of loose fur, keeping your home cleaner and your feline friend more comfortable.

The Price of Somali Cats

When considering the cost of acquiring a Somali cat, one should be prepared for an investment that typically falls within the range of $1000 to $1500. These enchanting feline companions, renowned for their striking beauty and playful disposition, come at a premium in the realm of domestic pets. The price tag attached to a Somali cat reflects various factors, including its pedigree, lineage, and the breeder’s reputation. While it may seem steep to some, aficionados of this breed would attest that the unique charm and character of a Somali cat make it a worthwhile investment in feline companionship.

Sizing Up Somali Cats

Somali cats, known for their graceful and elegant appearance, typically fall into the category of medium-sized felines. At their full maturity, these captivating creatures tend to weigh anywhere from 8 to 12 pounds or even more, depending on their genetics and overall health. Regarding their height, Somali cats stand at a height range of approximately 8 to 10 inches at the shoulder. This size provides them with a perfect balance, allowing them to gracefully navigate their surroundings with agility and finesse.

Activity Level: Energized Playmates

The Somali cat is characterized by a high activity level that makes them energized playmates. These felines thrive on active engagement and enjoy frolicking and exploring their environment. Their demand for physical and mental stimulation means they require ample space to roam and play, making them an excellent choice for households with room to accommodate their lively antics. The Somali is an excellent match if you seek a cat that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

Pet-Friendly: A Sociable Disposition

When evaluating a Somali cat’s compatibility with other pets, it’s important to consider their pet-friendly nature. These cats tend to get along well with not only other cats but also dogs and various other pets. Their sociable disposition allows them to adapt to diverse pet environments, fostering harmonious relationships within multi-pet households. Somali cats’ ability to forge connections with other animals showcases their adaptable and amiable nature.

Independence: The Enigmatic Balance of Self-Sufficiency and Sociability

The enigma of Somali cats lies in their unique balance of independence, a trait that varies from one individual to another. On one hand, they possess an innate self-sufficiency that allows them to navigate hours of solitude with graceful ease. This independent streak is a testament to their self-reliance, a quality that sets them apart in the feline world.

Yet, on the other hand, Somali cats also exhibit a profound fondness for human companionship. They are not aloof creatures; rather, they revel in the warmth of social interaction and will readily welcome your attention when it’s on offer. The versatility of their independence makes them incredibly adaptable to different household dynamics.

For those with demanding schedules, Somali cats can be the ideal companions. Their self-sufficiency ensures that they won’t pine away in your absence, and they’ll be content to bask in solitude until your return. However, when you are present, be prepared for their charming and affectionate nature to shine through, as they relish the chance to share moments of affection and bonding. In essence, the Somali cat is a harmonious blend of self-sufficiency and sociability, a perfect match for households that require flexibility in their feline companions.

Sociability: The Ultimate Companion

Somali cats score high in sociability, meaning they have an innate desire to spend time with their human companions. They are not the type of feline that prefers solitude or aloofness. Instead, they actively seek out human interaction throughout the day, becoming devoted companions who relish every moment spent with their family. Their sociable nature enhances the human-cat bond, creating a profound connection that enriches the lives of both parties.

Intelligence: Curiosity and Trainability

Intelligence ratings for Somali cats are typically high, highlighting their curious and investigative nature. These felines possess an innate curiosity that drives them to explore and understand their surroundings. This intelligence also makes them relatively easy to train, as they are receptive to learning new tricks and commands. Their keen minds and inquisitive spirits add a delightful dimension to the joys of cat ownership.

The Breed Standard


The Somali cat, a breed known for its unique beauty, boasts eyes that are a key feature of its allure. These eyes are not just any eyes but are large, almond-shaped, and wonderfully expressive, drawing you in with their captivating charm. The eyelids are adorned with dark skin, creating a striking contrast against the surrounding lighter-colored area.

Adding to the allure, a short, dark, vertical line gracefully accents the area above each eye. To further enhance this mesmerizing gaze, a second fine pencil line extends from the upper eyelid towards the base of the ear, creating an artistic and distinctive look. The pièce de résistance of a Somali cat’s eyes lies in their color, which should be a captivating shade of gold or green, with a preference given to those with deeper and richer hues.

Legs & Paws

When assessing a Somali cat’s conformation, it’s essential to pay attention to its legs and paws, as they play a crucial role in defining its overall appearance. These legs should be well-proportioned, elegantly complementing the feline’s torso. The paws, on the other hand, are compact ovals, providing stability and grace to the cat’s stance.


The Somali cat boasts a medium to large physique, featuring a medium-long torso adorned with well-defined musculature. This combination creates an overall impression of a cat that is lean and graceful, with a subtle arch on its back that adds to its elegance and charm.


The Somali cat’s head is a study in feline beauty. It’s a modified, slightly rounded wedge with gently curved contours, devoid of any flat planes. The muzzle maintains the same gentle rounding, as the chin. There’s no hint of a whisker pinch, preserving the cat’s flawless visage. In males, you may notice the presence of jowls, which can add a touch of character to their regal appearance.


The ears of a Somali cat are a sight to behold. They possess a large and alert appearance that adds to the overall charm of the breed. Preferably, these ears feature horizontal tufts in their inner regions, enhancing the cat’s striking and unique look.


The Somali cat’s coat is a true testament to its exotic appeal. It’s a fine double coat with ample density, providing both aesthetic and practical benefits. The coat’s length is medium, showcasing a magnificent ruff and breeches. Across the shoulders, the fur is slightly shorter, creating a visually appealing contrast that further accentuates the cat’s beauty.


The Somali cat’s tail is a sight to behold. It starts with a thick base, exuding strength and power, and gradually tapers to a delicate point. This tapering adds an element of finesse to the tail’s appearance. But it’s not just about thickness; the tail should also be well-furnished, showcasing a full and luxurious brush that completes the Somali cat’s majestic profile.

Diverse Colors

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Somali cat is the vast array of colors it can exhibit. In total, there are an astonishing 28 recognized Somali cat colors, each with its own unique appeal and charm. These colors range from rich and earthy tones to vibrant and playful hues. However, it’s important to note that not all breed registries universally accept every color variation. This intricate mosaic of colors adds to the breed’s mystique, allowing Somali cats to captivate the imagination with their ever-shifting palette of possibilities. Somali cats come in a variety of captivating colors, including Ruddy, Red, Fawn, and Blue.

What makes these coats truly special is their distinct ticking pattern, where each hair shaft displays contrasting light and dark colors. While preference is given to unmarked cats, a hint of darker shading is permissible, adding depth and dimension to their appearance. It’s not just the coat that’s colorful; the nose leather and paw pad color should harmonize with the coat’s hue. Some registries even recognize Somali cats in a range of additional colors, such as chocolate, red, cream, lilac, usual tortie, blue tortie, sorrel tortie, fawn tortie, lilac tortie, chocolate tortie, and silver color variants like sorrel tortie silver. This diverse palette allows for a fascinating array of Somali cat coloration, each with its own unique charm.

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Nutritional Requirements of Somali Cats

Somali cats, with their distinctive appearance and charming personalities, are a breed with no extraordinary dietary demands. Nevertheless, ensuring their well-being involves providing them with a diet that accentuates high protein and low carbohydrates. This dietary composition mirrors their natural proclivity towards hunting and consuming meat. It’s highly recommended to offer them fresh, high-quality food or opt for a reputable commercial cat food brand that prioritizes real meat or fish as its primary ingredient. This dietary choice ensures that Somali cats receive the nourishment they need to thrive and maintain their energy levels.

Playful Companions: Somali Cats and Their Love for Fetch

Beyond their bewitching appearance, Somali cats are renowned for their engaging and playful personalities. One endearing trait that sets them apart is their love for a game of fetch. These spirited felines have an innate desire to chase and retrieve objects, much like their canine counterparts. This penchant for fetching is so pronounced that Somali cats often form a delightful habit of bringing their favorite toy to a human companion, their eyes gleaming with anticipation of an exhilarating playtime session. The bond formed through these playful interactions deepens the connection between these enchanting cats and their human counterparts, making Somali cats not only visually captivating but also emotionally rewarding companions.

Grooming Needs for Somali Cats

The Somali cat’s striking beauty is enhanced by its thick, luxurious double coat. However, this exquisite coat requires regular attention to keep it in prime condition. Routine brushing is essential not only for removing loose hairs but also for preventing the formation of unsightly and uncomfortable mats in their fur. Beyond grooming their fur, dental care is another aspect to consider. Just like any other cat breed, Somalis benefit from regular tooth brushing to maintain their oral health. These grooming routines may seem demanding, but they are pivotal in preserving the Somali cat’s elegant appearance.

Early Grooming and Training

In the world of feline care, early intervention is often the key to success. Teaching your Somali kitten to relax and enjoy grooming routines from a young age can significantly simplify these tasks as your cat matures. Patience and persistence in these early stages of training will yield dividends in the long run. The cat’s comfort with grooming and handling will lead to smoother interactions during veterinary visits and everyday maintenance, fostering a harmonious relationship between you and your feline companion.

Claw Maintenance for Active Somali Cats

Somali cats are known for their high levels of activity and athleticism. With their boundless energy, they may engage in activities that lead to excess wear and tear on their claws. To safeguard your furniture, clothing, and even your own skin, it is advisable to keep their claws trimmed. This simple yet vital task not only protects your belongings but also ensures the cat’s well-being. By managing their claws, you mitigate the risk of injury during their exuberant play.

Athleticism and Playfulness of Somali Cats

Somali cats are renowned for their extraordinary athletic abilities. They are capable of impressive long jumps and can reach heights that may seem unattainable for other feline breeds. Their agility and speed are particularly striking, as they effortlessly race from one room to another, showcasing their bursts of energy. To accommodate their active nature, providing ample space and appropriate play structures is paramount. A sturdy cat tree, scratching posts, and a variety of engaging toys are essential components of a Somali cat’s environment. These amenities ensure that they can expend their energy in a positive and stimulating manner, preventing boredom and destructive behavior.

Vocality: The Melodious Conversationalists

In the realm of vocality, Somali cats undoubtedly secure a high rating, earning their reputation as melodious conversationalists. These beguiling felines are known for their expressive and frequent meowing, an art they masterfully employ to communicate their needs, desires, and feelings.

Should you seek a chatty companion who will engage you in daily dialogues, a Somali cat is a quintessential choice. Their vocalizations are not mere random noises but a rich tapestry of sounds that convey a wide spectrum of emotions. From gentle purring to plaintive meows and even enthusiastic trills, they employ their voices as a medium to connect with their human counterparts.

Whether it’s a heartfelt greeting when you return home, a playful invitation to engage in a game, or a soulful serenade during a quiet evening, Somali cats use their vocal talents to create a unique bond with their owners. The joy of sharing your life with these expressive companions lies in the melodious conversations that become an integral part of your daily routine.

Outdoor Adventures for Somalis

The outgoing and friendly nature of Somali cats often leads them to enjoy outdoor experiences, including leashed walks. To instill this routine successfully, it is advisable to introduce your cat to walk on a leash from a tender age before ingrained habits set in. These outdoor excursions provide mental stimulation and an opportunity for exercise while ensuring their safety. It also allows you to bond with your feline friend in the great outdoors, further enriching your relationship.

Kid-Friendly: Gentle and Patient Companions

For families with children, the Somali cat’s kid-friendly qualities are a significant attraction. This breed typically receives a higher rating in this area due to its gentle and patient nature. Somalis are known to tolerate the curious and sometimes energetic behaviors of children with grace and composure. Their natural affinity for play and affectionate disposition often make them wonderful companions for youngsters, forming lasting bonds and cherished memories. See why thousands of cats love BoxCat

Grooming: The Art of Primping and Pampering

In the world of grooming, Somali cats demand a meticulous touch and dedication to the art of primping and pampering. Their regal and resplendent long coats elevate their grooming requirements to a relatively high standard. If you choose to welcome a Somali cat into your life, be prepared to invest time and effort in maintaining the magnificence of their fur.

Regular grooming rituals become an essential part of caring for these elegant felines. Brushing their luxurious coats is not just an act of maintenance; it’s a ritual of bonding and admiration. The process of running a brush through their soft, flowing fur becomes a serene and intimate moment shared between you and your feline companion.

Occasional bathing, too, is a part of the grooming routine for Somali cats. While they are fastidious self-groomers, their long fur can sometimes benefit from a gentle cleansing to ensure it remains in optimal condition. The rewards of this diligent grooming regimen are plentiful. Your Somali cat will grace your home with a majestic, radiant coat that exudes elegance and beauty, truly a testament to the dedication you’ve invested in their well-being and aesthetics.

Health Considerations for Somali Cats

Somali cats are generally robust and maintain good health throughout their lives. However, it’s essential to be aware of a few inherited diseases that may affect them. These conditions include feline infectious anemia (FIA), autoimmune-mediated hemolytic anemia (AIHA), pyruvate kinase deficiency, myelodysplasia, retinal degeneration, osmotic fragility, and renal amyloidosis. While these health issues are not prevalent, responsible Somali cat owners should stay informed about them and maintain regular veterinary check-ups to catch and manage any potential health concerns promptly.

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